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Humphrys & Hurst/David Nye



St Mark’s Church was constructed in 1968-9 to an unusual but original design by Humphrys and Hurst. The plan is pentagonal, with the altar in front of the east wall, with low ceiled aisles along the other four sides and coloured clerestory glazing above.

Indirect day lighting is provided to the east wall and to the centre of the nave via a roof top lantern. The effect is spacious and pleasing, helped by the tent like framed structure of the nave.

This is of reinforced concrete clad at low level with yellow stock brickwork. The aisles are flat roofed and finished with asphalt, while that of the nave is pitched and slated.

Flat roof extensions have been added to the north-west and southwest elevations, providing useful ancillary spaces without detracting from the architectural design.

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