If you have come to this section of the website because you need to arrange a funeral then this is likely to be a difficult time for you, so we hope that this information will make the process easier.

Planning a funeral

The Diocese of Southwark has worked hard to make sure that there will always be a priest available to take the service, and to offer support.
In order to arrange a funeral you will first need to go to a funeral director, who will help you to decide on the best time and place for the service. You may already know of a funeral director in your area, or have one that your family usually uses, or one that has been recommended to you.

If you would like to hold the funeral in your local parish church, especially if the deceased was a churchgoer, please let your funeral director know. If this is the case, the committal will then take place in the cemetery or crematorium.

If you know that the deceased would have liked a particular priest to take the service, or would have wished the service to take place in the church they attended, please alert your funeral director so that they can try to ensure that this happens.

In addition, it will be important for you to decide whether or not the person who has died would have wanted to be buried or cremated. They may have expressed their wishes about this to members of the family or left written instructions. The funeral director will help you to think about these things as well as the type of music that you would like, but it might help to have given it some thought before meeting them.

The Church of England has further advice on planning funerals

Advice for clergy

If you are a member of our clergy looking for the latest guidance on life events please follow this link.

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