Among other projects, the organisation seeks to combat food poverty with programmes such as its Lunchbox Library, alleviate loneliness and social isolation with community hubs, and help those experiencing financial distress with advice on money management.

Together Southwark has been promoting practical action to tackle poverty in the Diocese since 2013, when it was founded as a joint venture between the Diocese of Southwark and Church Urban Fund. It is chaired by The Rt Revd Dr Karowei Woyin Dorgu, Bishop of Woolwich.

You can read more about the organisation’s work and how you can help at:

Areas of work

Food Poverty

An increasing number of households up and down the country are faced with a daily struggle to make ends meet. Testimonies abound of parents skipping meals so their children can have enough to eat. Read more about food poverty on the Together Southwark website.

Community Building

We want our communities to flourish and enjoy life in all its fullness. But, of course, every community is different, and the changes people are looking for will be different too. Read more about community building on the Together Southwark website.

Loneliness and Social Isolation

Everyone needs friendship and conversation. Yet we know that loneliness and social isolation are real issues for lots of people in the UK – of all ages. And the number of people who describe themselves as lonely is growing every year. Read more about loneliness and social isolation on the Together Southwark website.

Financial Inclusion

People experiencing financial distress, particularly those on low incomes, are often reluctant to talk about their problems or seek help. And the complexity of different financial products, and the benefits and allowances systems, often makes the idea of finding a solution seem impossible. Read more about financial inclusion on the Together Southwark website.


Quite simply, the statistics are staggering. One in ten people in England say they have personal experience of homelessness; and the number of people sleeping rough in London has doubled in the last five years. Read more about homelessness on the Together Southwark website.

Mental Health

We sometimes struggle to show that we care and how to connect with those affected with mental health problems. Isolation and stigmatisation are some of the issues people with mental health problems will face in their communities. Read more about mental health on the Together Southwark website.


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