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As part of our commitment to alleviating serious youth violence, the Diocese is a founding partner of the Synergy Network, a coalition of churches and para-church groups and Christian agencies working together to end serious youth violence in Britain and Ireland. The Synergy network website draws together a range of activities happening across the UK to stem the tide of youth violence. Wecan all do our part in making this happen. Report knife crime if you see or hear about it, mentor young people in your area, sign up to the Synergy Network, create safe spaces for young people to be themselves and share, dream, learn and build each other up. Our prayer and hope is that youth violence will one day be a thing of the past.

Getting involved – Operation Forgiveness

Early intervention is important, and evidence shows that by the time a child is showing disadvantage at school then this is already hard to change. Churches are in an excellent position to support families and babies from the outset. You might not think that your parent and toddler group is tackling serious youth violence, but this is one of the very many positive outcomes that you are achieving. Youth groups, activities and safe spaces all have a role to play, especially in that crucial after-school period. For more information, see the Synergy Network’s website section for Church Leaders.

If you want to learn more, you can contact Jason O’Shea, Delivery Officer – Serious Youth Violence.

Email Jason


  • Power the Fight offers resources and training events.
  • The Synergy Network website is a great start for finding out more about Church responses to serious youth violence.
  • The Fighting Knife Crime London website has a wealth of resources and information including research papers.
  • Hard Calls Save Lives is a campaign for change in London by mothers who have lost their sons to knife crime.  A toolkit has been produced by from the Media and Communications team at the Met Police for this thought-provoking campaign.  You can download the toolkit, which contains links to videos, posters and other campaign material which you can order.  They are trying to reach all communities with this campaign, to encourage them to share information with the police – what may be inconsequential to one person, could save another’s life.

Below are 2 short videos highlighting the issues of youth knife crime, and 2 short videos introducing the Synergy Network

One Knife. Many Victims
A powerful, short video that warns of the dangers of carrying a knife.

Choose a different ending
This anti-knife video encourages young people to steer clear of those activities linked to serious youth violence.

Introduction to the Synergy Network from The Venerable Rosemarie Mallett

Introduction to the Synergy Network from Revd Steve Coulson

Get in touch

If you would like to discuss what your church can do to tackle Serious Youth Violence, please contact the JPIC team.

email the JPC Team

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