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About the Bishop’s Advisory Group for Liturgy

The Bishop of Southwark’s Advisory Group for Liturgy advises and supports the Bishop on liturgical practice in the Diocese of Southwark. The group has a particular brief to think about how to use liturgy missionally.

As well as producing advice notes for the Bishop on particular questions, the group composes formal and informal liturgies for particular occasions and situations. It takes pleasure in working on liturgy as it is most broadly understood: from the Greek laos, the crowd or group, and ergon, work.  So liturgy is the work of the crowd, what we do together.

Members are appointed by the Bishop, and the current group consists of the Carol Bates, Helen Burnett, Shaun Burns, David Fisher, Charlotte Gauthier, Roxanne Hunte, Kevin Lewis, Sharon Moughtin, Stanley Njoka, Joshua Rey, Jonathan Roberts, Sandra Schloss, Thomas Sharp, Shavaun Shodeinde and Stephen Stavrou.  The chair of the group is the Revd Joshua Rey, and if you would like more information about the group, he can be contacted at [email protected].

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