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J C King



This is a small simple timber framed building built in 1907. The chancel was extended in 1930 by one bay width. The hand-made tiled roof is supported by 5 queen post roof trusses, the last and newest one constructed of laminated timber. There is a small bell turret at the west end with tile-hung sides and roof. Externally the church is clapboarded on a brick plinth. It has an interesting east window, being the artist’s mock-up for a translucent coloured glass mosaic panel but unfortunately it proved too problematical and expensive to complete. Two extensions on the north side contain the organ chamber and vestry and a kitchen and lavatories both with external doors. Each is timber framed with a tiled roof although the lavatory extension has a felt flat. The church is set back from the road and is surrounded by hedges and mature trees, giving a a quiet and pleasant environment

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