Our Vision

Hearts on Fire with a Vision for growth



There are so many ways to give to support charities that you believe in but giving to and through the church is not just about supporting our favourite pieces of charitable work.  The Bible teaches us that we should all give of our time and gifts and skills to support the work of sharing the Gospel is an imperative because we give in response to all that God has given to us.

On these pages you will find information and ideas on how to help people to consider financial giving to their local parish on a regular basis and through leaving a legacy. There is also information about how to encourage people to give of their time and talents to God’s work in their parish and local area. In addition, you can find out about how our parishes support the work of Sharing God’s Good news in our parishes all over the Diocese through the Parish Support Fund.

You’ll also find information about the Bishop of Southwark’s Lent Call for the current year helping parishes and individuals to focus on the projects which are being supported through prayer and through our giving.

If you need more information and help please contact Communications and Resources