How PGS can help your parish

We recently hosted a webinar exploring “How PGS can help your parish”. You can watch a recording of this session to find out more about the scheme, how it could help your parish finances, and how you might adopt the scheme well.

Please note that you will need to register to watch this session on demand.

PGS is now online!

It is now easier than ever for donors to join PGS thanks to the introduction of the online portal. Through this Statement Receivers can also edit your parish's landing page and access all your monthly statements.

Why use PGS?

PGS will help your church finances by:

  • encouraging stable and often increased regular planned giving
  • combating ‘static’ giving when church members choose to increase their gift annually in line with the rate of inflation
  • Gift Aid claimed monthly improving cash flow for your church
  • reduced administration and paperwork for your Church Treasurer
  • easy sign-up for donors
  • free access to the scheme for churches and donors.

Church Treasurers receive an online monthly report from the PGS team, listing the giving and Gift Aid claimed.

Tokens are available for church members to put on the offering plate at each service.

The PGS is a stand-alone charity and the Diocese has no access to any donor’s data. The PGS remits 100% of all donations and Gift Aid direct to the church.

Read how St Stephen’s and St Nicholas’ in Godstone have found joining PGS in this case study.

How we can help PCCs join the scheme

There is a short explanatory leaflet for PCC members (.pdf, 1248kB), and a more detailed handbook for treasurers (.pdf, 1390kB), including top tips for implementation and guidance.

Gabby or Clare would be happy to visit your finance committee or PCC, make a short presentation and answer your questions. We recommend that the PGS is launched alongside a giving focus and we have many resources to assist parishes.

What steps does the PCC need to take?

  1. Discuss the benefits of the PGS at a PCC meeting and pass a PCC ResolutionDownload our sample resolution (.pdf, 86kB).
  2. Register your churchDownload the registration form (.pdf. 176kB). If you are part of a multi-church parish or a team ministry, please contact us for a specific registration form.
  3. PCC returns completed PGS Registration Form (with parish’s bank account paying-in slip) to the Diocese at [email protected].
  4. Church’s nominated PGS Statement Receiver receives a welcome e-mail from the PGS team.
  5. PGS registered church receives donor leaflets and gift forms from Diocesan team.
  6. PCC members adopt the PGS first; others in the church are more likely to follow these ambassadors.

Top tips for Implementing PGS

  • Spark generosity. Introduce the scheme alongside a giving programme or talk – you could use the Generosity Week resources.
  • Don’t go it alone! Appoint a project leader or ambassador and recruit a team of volunteers to help with the website page, intercessions, talking to people, and paperwork.
  • Lead with vision. Share why increasing financial resources and reducing the administrative burden by joining PGS matters by talking about your church’s vision and impact.
  • Be the example. Get the PCC on board as early adopters.
  • Make it an event in the life of your church. Hold a celebration service to launch the scheme. You can still do this even if your services are online.
  • Keep promoting the scheme. Use notices in the service, weekly news, your website and welcome packs for new church members to keep talking about PGS.
  • Say thank you. Make sure that you write regularly to donors, and thank them when they make the switch to PGS.

Additional materials for PCCs

Once you have registered your parish for PGS, our Giving Team will send you a Donor Leaflet and Gift Form personalised for your parish.

Supporting materials for your congregation can be found in our Donor Zone.

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