People are using cash less and less these days, particularly since the Coronavirus outbreak. With estimates that soon fewer than one in 10 transactions will be made with cash, our churches must provide ways for people to give that suit their new cashless habits.

'This contactless device is a real benefit to us as a parish, particularly with visitors to our concerts, fundraising events and baptisms who don’t carry cash.'

 Revd Erica Wooff, Stockwell Parish

Many parishes in Southwark have benefited from adopting contactless giving. East Greenwich Team Ministry found that their cash donations have stayed at the same level but the contactless donations are extra giving. St Anne, Kew received more than £19,000 in donations towards their building appeal on a contactless machine.

How could we use contactless?

We are pleased to be able to offer a ‘Try Before you Buy’ scheme to churches within the Diocese. Parishes within the Diocese can borrow a contactless device that best suits your requirements for a trial period. If you would like to borrow this for a free trial, please fill out this form.

How do we set up our contactless giving?

The following steps will help you establish contactless giving in your parish.

  1. Decide on what device to use. You need to consider how your church will use the device, how many donations you expect, how secure it needs to be, and your internet and power requirements. The Parish Buying survey can help you think through what could work best for you.
  2. Set up an online account. Whatever technology you are using, you will need to have an online account/management portal with the corresponding website. Through this you can review giving information and transactions, information for Gift Aid claims and edit any display screen information.
  3. Promote contactless giving well. How will people know that they can give in this way? If you are opting for a free-standing device, keeping it in a prominent and visible place will help people to donate. Eye-catching posters and banners will also be helpful for drawing people’s attention. Mention the machine in notices and have someone on hand to help in busy times.
  4. Share your story. Ensure that people can learn about the vision and mission of your church, so that they feel excited to give and confident that their money will be put to good use. You could have leaflets next to your contactless device, explaining more about church life and how you serve the wider community.
  5. Gift Aid it. Contactless card donations of £30 or less qualify for the Gift Aid Small Donations Scheme, for which you will need a record of when donations were made and proof that they were collected in the church building. Most contactless software will report this information for you. For all donations over £30 (and donations under £30 if you have used your GASDS limit), you will need to collect Gift Aid declarations. For more information, watch this video on how to manually collect declarations for contactless gifts.

Support with your contactless device

If your church already has a contactless giving device, and our guides may help you to make the most of your machine. We have also listed contact details for the main device suppliers should you need to contact them for further support.

Contact your device supplier


If you have an issue with the card reader component, please contact SumUp ([email protected], 020 3510 0160). For assistance with the donations app, please contact Give A Little ([email protected]).




If you have an issue with the card reader component, please contact SumUp ([email protected], 020 3510 0160). For assistance with the donations app, please contact Give A Little ([email protected]).

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