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Resourcing God’s mission in Southwark Diocese

This year for the first time there are two films to use as Parish Support Fund resources in your parish - the first, 'Good News Stories', celebrates the mission and ministry enabled by the Parish Support Fund.

 The second, 'How it Works', explains the PSF's methodology.

The individual parish stories from the 'Good News Stories' film are shown below

All Saints, Plumstead

St Luke, Woodside

The Ascension, Balham Hill


One of the great things about the Church of England is that we work together.  Rather than each church paying for its own vicar and all the other costs of ministry, we pool our resources with richer parishes supporting poorer ones.  This means we can put clergy in the places where they are needed most.  So a more affluent parish with fewer people in it may have a half-time priest, while a less affluent inner city parish may need a full-time priest.

Since January 2016 in Southwark Diocese we have implemented a new way of seeking to fund the work of our parishes. Parishes are invited to support the shared responsibilities we have as a Diocese by making a pledge to the Parish Support Fund.  Parishes are asked to make a pledge (that is a commitment to pay a certain amount for the year) which is realistic, challenging and generous.

The Parish Support Fund should not be seen as an excuse to give less.  Giving provides the resources for mission and ministry in every parish in our Diocese.  Our PCCs right across our Diocese are responsible and accountable to each other for how much they give.

An information pack to help parishes consider their pledge has been now been sent to all PCC Secretaries.  This information includes: 

  • a booklet explaining how the Parish Support Fund works; what your contribution pays for and how to make a proposed pledge
  • a DVD, divided into two parts - the first, 'Good News Stories', celebrates the mission and ministry enabled by the Parish Support Fund, and the second, 'How it Works', explains the PSF's methodology.
  • a briefer leaflet on the Parish Support Fund to help members of your PCC and of your congregation to understand this new way of funding mission and ministry in our Diocese. 
  • an information sheet, specific to your parish, which shows the indicative costs of ministry for your parish.  It also shows your parish’s Parish Support Fund pledges for the past three years
  • some suggested discussion points for your PCC as an aid to developing your pledge to the Parish Support Fund.  This is not an exhaustive list but will give you some pointers
  • a parish income form to help you identify all the areas of income in your parish
  • a pledge form which should be returned to your Archdeacon by Tuesday 30 June

You can also download a set of stewardship Bible studies which aim to help parishes explore what it means to be generous

Further information

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