Parishes within the Diocese of Southwark needing to place a Public Notice on this page should e-mail details to the DAC Secretary.

The Diocesan Advisory Committee (DAC) has issued formal advice in respect of the proposed works detailed below. The applicants in each case will now petition the Consistory Court of the Diocese for a faculty to obtain permission to carry out works.

To comply with the Faculty Jurisdiction Rules and the requirements of the Chancellor of the Diocese, Public Notice of these applications will be displayed on the list shown on this web page, for no less than 28 days. At the same time, a Public Notice will be displayed for a continuous period of at least 28 days at the relevant church building.

Any interested person may seek further details of the application, including supporting documents (such as drawings and specifications) by consulting the Public Notices web page of the Online Faculty System and searching for a specific application or browsing through the list.

Please note that the Online Faculty System includes applications for many Dioceses within the Church of England; enquirers may wish to filter the list to search only for Southwark Diocese applications.

The list of Public Notices on this web page will be updated weekly and includes the most recently posted Public Notices at the top of the list.

Any application highlighted with a purple background has been deemed to fall under rule 9.9, which relates to proposals for alterations to nationally listed historic church buildings and/or the building’s curtilage.

If you wish to object to the proposed works for any of the applications, please direct your written objection to the Diocesan Registrar (by e-mail to [email protected] OR by post to Southwark Diocesan Registry, Minerva House, 5 Montague Close, London SE1 9BB).

Objections must reach the Registrar on or before the deadline stated on the Public Notice for that specific application as shown on the Online Faculty System. A letter (by e-mail or post) must include your name and address, and state whether you live in the parish and/or whether your name is entered on the church electoral roll of the parish or any other basis on which you seek to object.

Church of Tadworth: The Good Shepherd

Works or Proposals:-

Major refurbishment and upgrade of the pipe organ, principally comprising: Clean of entire organ and overhaul; Refurbishment of manuals and pedals; Replacement of Great soundboard and restoration of Swell soundboard; Refurbishment and Renovation of casework panelling and case pipework; Extension of the existing casing (containing the main choruswork of the organ) further out into the Chancel; Re-voicing of some stops and various tonal improvements to the instrument.

All as described in the following documents: (A) Statement of Significance and Statement of Needs;(B) ‘Supplementary information requested’ (replies to DAC questions);(C) ten accompanying photographs;(D) Report on the organ, from Ian Bell (as revised in October 2019);(E) Revised Schedule of Work, from Ian Bell (dated 21st June 2019);(F) Inspection Report and Quotation for the rebuilding / refurbishment of the organ, from FH Browne & Sons (dated 19th July 2019);(G)  Appendix to the Inspection Report and Quotation for the rebuilding / refurbishment of the organ: letter dated 14 October 2018 with nine pages of drawings (except where superseded by 2020 drawings), from FH Browne & Sons;(H) six drawing-sheets from NG Pipe Organ Design / FH Browne & Sons dated 24 September 2020.

Church of Charlwood: St Nicholas

Works or Proposals:-

To carry out repairs to three box tombs in the churchyard (dating from late 18th and 19th centuries), as described in the following documents: (A) supporting statement from the petitioners, and accompanying Estimate from Sussex Stonecraft (dated Fri 28/08/2020); (B) one annotated aerial photograph of the churchyard; (C) seven accompanying photographs showing the three tombs.

Church of Oxted: St Mary the Virgin

Works or Proposals:-

Replacement of the church boiler, and re-siting in a new location (inside the Ringing Chamber of the bell-tower, on the North wall),

as described in the following documents: (A) Submission to the DAC in connection with the replacement of heating system, dated December 2020, with Appendices 1 – 5; (B) Email from Austin Copp, Churchwarden, dated 6 January 2021; (C) Quotation from Cowleys, No. 24826 Option 2, ref AG/CLG/24826 dated 20 October 2020; (D) specifications (two documents) of the Rehema Quinta Ace boiler product.

Church of Norbury: St Philip

Works or Proposals:-

The felling of three trees (Oak; Ash; Goat Willow) in the grounds of St Philip’s church, to the West of the church building,

as described in the following documents:

(A) email dated 26 January 2021 to the DAC, from Sue Kent (QI Architect); (B) photoset – three photos identifying the trees; (C) two annotated aerial photos; (D) photoset – four photos from Sue Kent (19 October 2020); (E) photoset – thirty-seven photos from 19October 2020; (F) letter from Byrne Looby Ref 9168/JSJ dated 31 July 2020, with accompanying report Ref 8423/JSJ dated January 2015; (G) drainage inspection report from KC Services Group dated 09/09/2020; (H) Ground Investigation report from Paddock GeoEngineering Limited Ref P20‐235gi dated October2020.

Church of Bermondsey: St Mary Magdalen Ss Olave, John & Luke

Works or Proposals:-

Landscaping works in the churchyard, and works to an existing boundary wall on the North side of the churchyard, in order to create a new pedestrian link between the churchyard and the neighbouring site to the North (151-157 Tower Bridge Road). The works involve: Partial removal of a section of churchyard boundary wall, with the end of the wall being replaced by a new brick pier with stone pier cap, built in materials to match the existing wall; Construction of an accessible route along a sloping path in the churchyard which will join with existing paths, and construction of a simple bridge link which will connect to the neighbouring site; Removal of a Sycamore tree (T6); Relocation of a number of gravestones and fragments of gravestones (currently placed against or in the vicinity of the churchyard wall).

All as described in the following documents: (A) Statement of Significance with four accompanying photographs; (B) 15 photographs; (C) Planning Permission Decision Notice from LB Southwark, ref 19/AP/1957, dated 10/06/2020; (D) one ‘as proposed’ drawing from BUJ Architects, ref BU-GEN_700_100_753 PL3, dated 27.01.2020; (E) two ‘as existing’ drawings from DLA LANDSCAPE & URBAN DESIGN Ltd, ref 2017-261/9103 and 2017-261/9104 Revision 03, both dated 26/10/18; (F) Design & Access Statement from DLA LANDSCAPE & URBAN DESIGN Ltd, ref 2017-261-DOC2 Rev 3 dated June 2019; (G) Heritage Statement from Heritage Collective, ref 2760A, dated Sept 2018; (H) Pre-Development Arboricultural Survey and Impact Assessment from Middlemarch Environmental, No. RT-MME-128997-01 Rev A, dated May 2019; (I) Arboricultural Method Statement from Middlemarch Environmental, No. RT-MME-151645, dated March 2020; (J) Archaeological Desk-based Assessment from Archaeology Collective, ref AC00835A, dated September 2018; (K) Written Scheme of Investigation from Archaeology Collective, ref 0835C, dated March 2020; (L) Method Statement from Cliveden Conservation, No. 20066, dated 27 February 2020 with appended survey examples.

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