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The Diocesan Advisory Committee (DAC) has issued formal advice in respect of the proposed works detailed below. The applicants in each case will now petition the Consistory Court of the Diocese for a faculty to obtain permission to carry out works.

To comply with the Faculty Jurisdiction Rules and the requirements of the Chancellor of the Diocese during the COVID-19 pandemic, Public Notice of these applications will be displayed on the list shown on this web page, for no less than 28 days. At the same time, a Public Notice will be displayed for a continuous period of at least 28 days at the relevant church building.

Any interested person may seek further details of the application, including supporting documents (such as drawings and specifications) by consulting the Public Notices web page of the Online Faculty System and searching for a specific application or browsing through the list.

Please note that the Online Faculty System includes applications for many Dioceses within the Church of England; enquirers may wish to filter the list to search only for Southwark Diocese applications.

The list of Public Notices on this web page will usually be updated weekly.

The list of notices is divided into two parts, beginning with applications that relate to proposals deemed to fall under rule 9.9, principally for alterations (which may include demolition or extension) affecting listed church buildings.

If you wish to object to the proposed works for any of the applications, please direct your written objection to the Diocesan Registrar (by e-mail to [email protected] OR by post to Southwark Diocesan Registry, Minerva House, 5 Montague Close, London SE1 9BB).

Objections must reach the Registrar on or before the deadline stated on the Public Notice for that specific application as shown on the Online Faculty System. A letter (by e-mail or post) must include your name and address, and state whether you live in the parish and/or whether your name is entered on the church electoral roll of the parish or any other basis on which you seek to object.

Applications under rule 9.9: principally for alterations (which may include demolition or extension) affecting listed church buildings


Church of Carshalton Beeches: The Good Shepherd

Works or Proposals:-

Installation of new wall-mounted acoustic soundboard panels (colour: ‘Vit’) on the South and North walls of the church worship space, which will be at two levels (upper and lower) and which will be aligned with each other, in the spaces between the windows.

As described in the following documents:
(A) Statement of Significance dated September 2020; (B) Statement of Need dated September 2020; (C) eight accompanying photographs; (D) Project Overview dated 29/02/20 (Version 1.0); (E) Memorandum from Cole Jarman dated 12 Dec 2019 ref 19/0633/M1; (F) acoustic panels Brochure and Colour Range from Soundsorba Ltd; (G) three emails from the Revd Kevin Lewis dated 18 September, 1 October, and 22 October 2020; (H) one email from Sue Shale dated 8 January 2021; (I) one email from Bishop & Son dated 19 Oct 2020; (J) two annotated Sectional drawings (Section H-H and Section J-J) showing updated layout/location of panels.


Other applications


Works or Proposals:-

Works in churchyard to improve access arrangements to church Vestry entrances and to provide new railings, principally to:

Raise paving to Choir Vestry entrance to provide level access; alter churchyard wall to provide gated access and railings to churchyard adjoining; provide gated railings to Chancel passage; provide gated railings to side entrance to new Clergy Vestry, and alter steps up to churchyard; provide gated railings to South Aisle Passage, and alter steps up to churchyard.

All as described in the following documents: (A) Statement of Significance; Statement of Need; Schedule of Works (ref PORSMM26.3B revised 2June 2020); (B) three photograph sheets March 2020; (C) Planning Permission from LB Richmond upon Thames ref 20/1096/FUL dated 12 June 2020; (D) Ordnance Survey Site Location Plan dated 17.02.2009, and twenty-three drawings from Peter Bowyer Architect, Project Ref PORSMM26.3B, Dwg no. ABS02 dated 26 Apr 2020, AB02 dated27 Feb 2020, ABS03 dated 27 Apr 2020, AB03 dated 27 Feb 2020, ADS01 dated 26 Apr 2020, AD01 dated 21 Jan 2020, ADS02 dated 26 Apr 2020, AD02 dated 6Jan 2020, ADS03 dated 26 Apr 2020, AD03 dated 14 Jan 2020, ADS04 dated 26 Apr 2020, AD04 dated 1 Feb 2020, ADS05 dated 26 Apr 2020, AD05 dated 1 Feb 2020, ADS06 dated 26 Apr 2020, AD06dated 1 Feb 2020, ADS07 dated 26 Apr 2020, AD07 dated 1 Feb 2020, ADS08 dated 26 Apr 2020, AD08 dated 12 Jan 2020, ADS09 dated 26 Apr 2020, AD09 dated 2 Mar 2020, and AD11 dated 7 Mar 2020.


Works or Proposals:-

Felling of three trees (2 x Holm Oak; and Yew) whose roots are encroaching on church foundations, and of one dead cherry tree, as described in the following documents:(A) Statement of Needs;(B) plan marking location of four trees;(C) four photos;(D) four submitted quotation documents from tree surgeons (Take a Bough; Edward Payne & Co.; Wimbledon Tree Surgeons).



Works or Proposals:-

5G upgrade of the existing O2/Telefonica infrastructure installation at the church, principally comprising: Existing 3No. TEF pole mounted antennas fixed to steelwork in bell chamber to be replaced with new antennas. Proposed 3No. RRU’s per sector (9No. in total) to be rail mounted and fixed to existing steelwork in bell chamber.
All as described in the following documents:
(A) Statement of Significance
(B) Statement of Needs
(C) thirty-four drawings from NET Coverage Solutions, as listed on the Drawing Pack Issue
sheet dated 26.08.20 (reference number Cornerstone 20034522 _ TEF71761 _ VF86170)


Works or Proposals:-

Works to churchyard paths: The path around the West and North sides of the church to be repaired/reset and widened. Stone to be sourced by dismantling the existing stone ‘seat’ at the East edge of the churchyard, and by dismantling (if required) the ‘stub’ path Northwards towards the old rectory.

As described in the following documents: (A) Statement of Significance; (B) Statement of Need; (C) “Widening the paths” statement; (D) answers to DAC queries statement; (E) annotated site plan; (F) five photos.


Church of North Downham: St Mark

Works or Proposals:-

Disposal of two redundant wooden book rests, painted in dark wood colour, 8 foot 6 inches long.

Details as per the supporting documents:
1 Statement of Needs from the Vicar with photograph
2 Statement of Significance
3 Photograph from 2007 showing the book rests in situ
4 Two close-up photos

Church of South Nutfield: Christ Church

Works or Proposals:-

Removal of two existing sheds in the church grounds, situated behind the church (South side) and adjacent to one end of the church centre.
Construct new concrete base, to be laid with timber supports, and install new (replacement) shed.
Install new outdoor storage unit in the children’s play area (adjacent to the opening doors into the church centre hall).

As described in the following documents: (A) Statement of Needs; (B) ‘schedule of works or proposals’; (C) statement from Sue Kent, Inspecting Architect; (D) sketch drawing showing locations; (E) product information for shed and store.


Church of South Nutfield: Christ Church

Works or Proposals:-

Installation of a wall-mounted memorial plaque (to be dedicated to the fighter pilots and personnel stationed at RAF Redhill during World War II) in the Nave of the church at the West end, near to the existing WWI & WWII memorials. The plaque would be 602mm wide x 480mm high, and in Welsh Slate.
As described in the following documents: (A) Statement of Needs; (B) applicants’ description of proposal; (C) two annotated floorplans; (D) mock-up of proposed memorial plaque by Fergus Wessel; (E) two photographs showing location of plaque; (F) four photographs of church interior.


Church of Warlingham: All Saints

Works or Proposals:-

Installation of a small wooden plaque, 380mm x 300mm in size, with gold lettering on dark wood, to be mounted on the West wall of the South porch, directly opposite an existing plaque, commemorating the consecration of All Saints’ churchyard extension by Bishop Christopher on 20th May 2018.

As described in the following documents: (A) Statement of Significance; (B) Statement of Needs; (C) photo of existing plaque; (D) three photos with labels giving details of plaque.

Church of Warlingham: All Saints

Works or Proposals:-

To confirm the Temporary Reordering Licence for the long-term retention of the existing Chancel Step Infill Platform, and the introduction of new kneelers around the altar rails,

as per the following documents: Statements of Significance and Need; Sanctuary photographs; Chancel Step infill proposal details; Altar Step drawings; Altar Step infill survey; Flooring details; Temporary Reordering Licence and Extension of Time; Architect’s comments; Photographs of the finished area following the infill.

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