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The Diocesan Advisory Committee (DAC) has issued formal advice in respect of the proposed works detailed below. The applicants in each case will now petition the Consistory Court of the Diocese for a faculty to obtain permission to carry out works.

To comply with the Faculty Jurisdiction Rules and the requirements of the Chancellor of the Diocese during the COVID-19 pandemic, Public Notice of these applications will be displayed on the list shown on this web page, for no less than 28 days. At the same time, a Public Notice will be displayed for a continuous period of at least 28 days at the relevant church building.

Any interested person may seek further details of the application, including supporting documents (such as drawings and specifications) by consulting the Public Notices web page of the Online Faculty System and searching for a specific application or browsing through the list.

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The list of Public Notices on this web page will usually be updated weekly.

The list of notices is divided into two parts, beginning with applications that relate to proposals deemed to fall under rule 9.9, principally for alterations (which may include demolition or extension) affecting listed church buildings.

If you wish to object to the proposed works for any of the applications, please direct your written objection to the Diocesan Registrar (by e-mail to [email protected] OR by post to Southwark Diocesan Registry, Minerva House, 5 Montague Close, London SE1 9BB).

Objections must reach the Registrar on or before the deadline stated on the Public Notice for that specific application as shown on the Online Faculty System. A letter (by e-mail or post) must include your name and address, and state whether you live in the parish and/or whether your name is entered on the church electoral roll of the parish or any other basis on which you seek to object.

Applications under rule 9.9: principally for alterations (which may include demolition or extension) affecting listed church buildings

Church of Kennington Cross: St Anselm

Works or Proposals:-

Alterations to the church, summarised as follows: reordering of the Chancel including internal full-height subdivision (to provide facilities); reordering of the Nave; remodelling of the entrance access and facilities at the (liturgical) West end of the building; new kiosk annexe; minor external re-landscaping of the church curtilage.
In more detail, the works principally comprise:
A new multi-storey tower structure internally within the liturgical east end of the church (to contain ancillary facilities such as meeting-room spaces, offices, kitchen and WCs, with connecting staircase and lift), with associated new fenestration to the South and North elevations of the church and new rooflights to main and South side-aisle roofs; new entrance doorways to the North, South and (liturgical) East elevations, including a new street-facing entrance from Sancroft Street;
Removal and storage/disposal of the existing Sanctuary Baldacchino; Removal and relocation/repurposing onsite of the Sanctuary altar-rails;
Removal and storage of mural artworks from their current positions mounted on the North and South walls of the Nave;
Refurbishment of the interior of the remainder of the church (Nave, side-aisles, and residual Sanctuary area) including removal of existing (modern) internal aisle-partitions; new flooring; new internal storage and ‘plant’ areas; upgraded/replacement heating, lighting, PA/AV and other building-services systems; relocation of the font; internal redecoration; new furnishings (fixtures/fittings/furniture) for the church interior, to include Nave congregational and new liturgical items (stoop, and votive candlestand);
Replacement of existing hipped roof above South aisle corridor and plant area, and its replacement with a new flat roof in order to support a ‘plant’ enclosure above (including any acoustic mitigations).
Reconfiguration of the (liturgical) West end Narthex and Organ Gallery, including removal of a staircase and installation of a WC and a kitchenette facility;
Construction of a new kiosk on the corner of Sancroft Street and Kennington Road, connected to the church building via a new doorway.
Alterations to the main Kennington Road entrance and its forecourt to provide step-free disabled access into the church.
All as described in the following documents: (A) Statement of Significance, by Dow Jones Architects (January 2021); (B) Design & Access Statement (incorporating Statement of Needs), by Dow Jones Architects (April 2022); (C) DAC Response Report, by Dow Jones Architects (Rev B, June 2022); (D) statement re Norman Adam Murals: Pilgrims Progress (Rev B, June 2022), with accompanying documents: Emails regarding removal and reinstatement of Norman Adams Murals (September and October 2009), and ‘Norman Adams Murals: A summary of the commission’, by Pat Evemy (June 2008); (E) LB Lambeth’s Decision Notice for Planning Permission ref 21/01101/FUL dated 17.06.2021; (F) Sixty-one drawings from Dow Jones Architects issued April 2022 (fifty-six as listed in the Design & Access Statement, one further drawing re Floor Tile Setting Out ref 428-23-101, and four further drawings re Fire Compartmentation ref 428-68-100, 428-68-110, 428-68-120, and 428-68-130); (G) two emails from Assent Building Control Limited 29 April 2022 and 1 June 2022; (H) twelve Structural Engineering drawings from Momentum, ref 4423 dated 04-Apr-2022; (I) Drainage Summary Report ref 6299 from JPD Technical Services Ltd dated 19 November 2021, with accompanying documents: CCTV survey photos, defect summary sheets, and drawing ref 6299-1 dated Jan 2021; (J) two geotechnical reports from Ground & Water Ltd: Phase 1 Desk Study ref GWPR4524/DS/January 2022, and Phase 2 Site Investigation Report ref GWPR4524/SIR/February 2022; (K) three M+E Schedules from Collaborate + Create Ltd ref E-501-001, M-500-001 and M-500-002; (L) twelve M+E drawings from Collaborate + Create Ltd ref J200601 E[01]001-004, M[00]001-004, and M[01]001-004; (M) TM52 Thermal Comfort Calculations report (Rev02); and (N) two acoustic reports from ALN Acoustic Design Ltd dated 25th March 2022: Sound Insulation Assessment ref J497_R01A, and Nave Acoustics Assessment ref J497_R02A.

Church of Merstham: St Katharine

Works or Proposals:-

Demolition of existing vestries; Construction of new annexe; and minor associated/consequential works within the existing church and in the churchyard:
Demolition of existing late-19th century vestries on the North side of the church, and construction of replacement extension/annexe (including WCs, kitchenette, meeting room, store rooms, vestry), to have pitched roofs with clay roof tiles, with elevations to be either lime rendered OR in stone (an agreed Merstham-stone replacement) with Bath stone dressings, to match existing, with building-services (including domestic water, sewage, ventilation, drainage, heating, electrical small power, lighting, telephone line and IT infrastructure, door-access control); relocation of churchyard graves, tomb stones, and bird table as shown on the drawings; drainage works including installation of soakaway; installation of new mains services and sewage connection and associated trenches along/below the existing paths, and regrading of paths; removal of some pews within the Nave of the church as shown on the drawings, installation of flagstones where pews removed; relocation of font; electrical ‘enabling works’ in church (Small Power and ancillary) such as below-floor trunking.
[The scope of works for this application does not include the installation of replacement church heating and lighting systems but does allow for enabling works e.g. Small Power and ancillary electrical wiring installation.]
All as described in the following documents: (A) Combined Statement of Significance and Need, from Thomas Ford & Partners (Job no. 668008; Rev. B – February 2022); (B) photosheets; (C) Workmanship & Materials Specification, and Schedule of Works, from Thomas Ford & Partners; (D) Twenty-six drawings from Thomas Ford & Partners as identified in the TFP Schedule of Works (ref 668810 dated February 2022); (E) Written Scheme of Investigation: Watching Brief (December 2021; Project Ref 07366A) from HCUK Group; (F) Specification from Chris Reading Associates Ltd (Issue 0 – 28/02/2022); (G) Seven drawings from Chris Reading Associates Ltd as listed in the CRA Ltd Specification.

Church of Waterloo Road: St John the Evangelist

Works or Proposals:-

to confirm (following the grant of an interim faculty) repainting of external front doors (West portico) at St John’s Church, including change of colour from green to red.
As described in the following documents:
(A) EPA Report ‘Proposed External Door Redecoration’ dated May 2022;
(B) interim faculty letter (with conditions) dated 1 June 2022;
(C) two emails dated 25 May 2022 from Giles Goddard;
(D) accompanying photos.

Other applications


Works or Proposals:-

Works in churchyard to improve access arrangements to church Vestry entrances and to provide new railings, principally to:

Raise paving to Choir Vestry entrance to provide level access; alter churchyard wall to provide gated access and railings to churchyard adjoining; provide gated railings to Chancel passage; provide gated railings to side entrance to new Clergy Vestry, and alter steps up to churchyard; provide gated railings to South Aisle Passage, and alter steps up to churchyard.

All as described in the following documents: (A) Statement of Significance; Statement of Need; Schedule of Works (ref PORSMM26.3B revised 2June 2020); (B) three photograph sheets March 2020; (C) Planning Permission from LB Richmond upon Thames ref 20/1096/FUL dated 12 June 2020; (D) Ordnance Survey Site Location Plan dated 17.02.2009, and twenty-three drawings from Peter Bowyer Architect, Project Ref PORSMM26.3B, Dwg no. ABS02 dated 26 Apr 2020, AB02 dated27 Feb 2020, ABS03 dated 27 Apr 2020, AB03 dated 27 Feb 2020, ADS01 dated 26 Apr 2020, AD01 dated 21 Jan 2020, ADS02 dated 26 Apr 2020, AD02 dated 6Jan 2020, ADS03 dated 26 Apr 2020, AD03 dated 14 Jan 2020, ADS04 dated 26 Apr 2020, AD04 dated 1 Feb 2020, ADS05 dated 26 Apr 2020, AD05 dated 1 Feb 2020, ADS06 dated 26 Apr 2020, AD06dated 1 Feb 2020, ADS07 dated 26 Apr 2020, AD07 dated 1 Feb 2020, ADS08 dated 26 Apr 2020, AD08 dated 12 Jan 2020, ADS09 dated 26 Apr 2020, AD09 dated 2 Mar 2020, and AD11 dated 7 Mar 2020.


Works or Proposals:-

Works to churchyard paths: The path around the West and North sides of the church to be repaired/reset and widened. Stone to be sourced by dismantling the existing stone ‘seat’ at the East edge of the churchyard, and by dismantling (if required) the ‘stub’ path Northwards towards the old rectory.

As described in the following documents: (A) Statement of Significance; (B) Statement of Need; (C) “Widening the paths” statement; (D) answers to DAC queries statement; (E) annotated site plan; (F) five photos.


Church of Warlingham: All Saints

Works or Proposals:-

Installation of a small wooden plaque, 380mm x 300mm in size, with gold lettering on dark wood, to be mounted on the West wall of the South porch, directly opposite an existing plaque, commemorating the consecration of All Saints’ churchyard extension by Bishop Christopher on 20th May 2018.

As described in the following documents: (A) Statement of Significance; (B) Statement of Needs; (C) photo of existing plaque; (D) three photos with labels giving details of plaque.

Church of Warlingham: All Saints

Works or Proposals:-

To confirm the Temporary Reordering Licence for the long-term retention of the existing Chancel Step Infill Platform, and the introduction of new kneelers around the altar rails,

as per the following documents: Statements of Significance and Need; Sanctuary photographs; Chancel Step infill proposal details; Altar Step drawings; Altar Step infill survey; Flooring details; Temporary Reordering Licence and Extension of Time; Architect’s comments; Photographs of the finished area following the infill.

Church of Putney: St Mary

Works or Proposals:-

The introduction of a gift of a sculpture “Collonus” from the estate of Alan Thornhill RIP (in accordance with the proposed terms of the draft Deed of Gift).

The sculpture will be placed on a movable plinth against a pillar in the SE corner of the nave.

Details as per the following documents:
1 The Statements of Need and Significance, which include information about the Putney Sculpture Trail
2 Email of 7 July 2021 as an addition to the Statement of Need
3 Photographs of the sculpture and its proposed location
4 Information about Alan Thornhill and his work
5 The draft Deed of Gift

Church of Limpsfield: St Peter

Works or Proposals:-

Replacement of boiler in Millennium Room to serve the Millennium room and church; removal of the existing boiler in the crypt boiler room and installation of pumps and heat exchangers in the crypt boiler room; formation of a floor trench and pipework connection between the Millennium Room and crypt boiler room; removing an area of 1960’s screened floor finish and laying new tiles to match those on the north aisle.

As described in the following documents: (A) Statement of Need and Significance (August 2021 – Rev A); (B) three drawings from Carden & Godfrey Architects (GA Plan, Floor tile layout, and Floor duct); (C) Quotation and Proposal from Cowley Group; (D) Schematic diagram from Cowley Group;
(E) Preliminaries from Carden & Godfrey Architects (August 2021 – Rev A); (F) Email from Andy Burrell dated 22 September 2021; (G) Interim Faculty letter from the Registrar dated 7 October 2021.

Church of Morden: St George

Works or Proposals:-

Installation of a wood and metal Remembrance plaque at the back of the inside of St George’s Church, which was originally displayed in the now closed Farm Road Church and commemorates the lives of four men from the St Helier Estate who died in World War II. As described a ‘Faculty Application’ document from the Team Vicar, dated 22.11.21.

Church of Earlsfield: St Andrew

Works or Proposals:-

livestreaming installation: new camera and ancillary Audio-Visual System equipment. As described in (A) Statement of Need; (B) proposal, drawing and photos from Cunnings Recording Associates; and (C) emails from Daniel Cunnings, John Kiddle and Russell Hanslip.

Church of Blackheath: The Ascension

Works or Proposals:-

upgrade to the church’s Audio-Visual System, principally: Fixing of livestreaming camera to pillar on the gallery at the West end of the church (and cabling-routing from camera to vestry/power point).
As described in the following documents:
(A) Statement of Significance;
(B) Statement of Needs;
(C) photos of interior;
(D) photo of example camera;
(E) plans for camera installation;
(F) Installation quote from Novum Audio Visual Ltd.


Church of Battersea: St Michael

Works or Proposals:-

1 Removal and disposal of 24 (moveable) pew-benches in the nave and replacing them with 260 wooden, unupholstered stackable chairs, Eton and ICS Icon40, from ICS Furniture. The chairs will be a mixture of a wooden and metal frame type, both with wooden seats/backs.

2 Re-use timber from the pews to create bespoke storage units for the North Aisle.

As per the supporting documents:
Statement of Significance and Need, photographs of the church interior, plan of the church, correspondence with the Victorian Society, details of the cupboard design and chair details from ICS.

Church of Oxted: St Mary the Virgin


Works or Proposals:-
installation of new black powder-coated wire mesh guards to the small side-windows of the South porch (as well as like-for-like replacement of the leaded light glazing), as described in a Statement of Significance, and a Statement of Needs (DRAFT v3 08.10.21) with Appendix A.

Church of Wandsworth: St Paul, Wimbledon Park


Works or Proposals:-

Conservation and Restoration of the coloured and gilded C. E. Kempe high altar reredos, installed in 1907, to which Martin Travers added decoration in 1938, and the 1896 chancel rood screen, to which decoration was added by Ralph Covell in 1957. Additional selective gilding to the rood, which has not previously been coloured or gilded. The work would start with careful conservation cleaning and making repairs to any damage to the brattishing etc, and preservation of original decorative work. For the reredos, proposed cleaning and conservation of the faces and scrolls, reinstate (where missing) collars and border patterns, and restore where necessary the gilding. Reinstate the original 1907 Kempe shades of red and blue in place of the (duller) Travers shades. The screen will also start with conservation cleaning, polishing the woodwork and then restoring the current decorative scheme but, to match the proposed work on the reredos, to use the Kempe red and blue palette. For both reredos and screen, works will be completed by polishing all the woodwork with micro crystalline wax.
All as described in the following documents: (A) Statement of Significance (February 2022); (B) Statement of Need (February 2022); (C) Architect’s proposals for reredos (December 2021); (D) Architect’s proposals for Chancel Screen and Rood Cross (December 2021); (E) Steve Bellion analysis and proposals (September 2021); (F) Steve Bellion report on investigation (October 2021); (G) Faculty application response to CBC consultation comments (March 2022); (H) Faculty application response to CBC consultation comments (March 2022) – appendix – project team’s qualifications; (I) Faculty application response to CBC consultation comments (March 2022) – appendix – extract from English Heritage / Historic England ‘Conservation Principles’; (J) Faculty application response to CBC consultation comments (March 2022) – appendix – brochure from Stephen Bellion Church Art.

Church of Dormansland: St John

Works or Proposals:-

Construction of a new hard-surfaced pathway in the churchyard, the path to be laid using brick-edging and non-slip riven concrete paving slabs. The route of the path will run through the churchyard on a North – South axis (approximately), starting from the existing paved path to the North-East of the church building.
As described in the following documents:
(A) Statement of Needs,
(B) churchwarden’s supporting statement,
(C) two accompanying drawings, and
(D) five captioned photographs.

Church of Croydon: St Peter

Works or Proposals:-

Installation of new fixed live-streaming equipment and a replacement sound system, including camera and speakers mounted on pillars, with a custom AV Cabinet for storage of control equipment. As described in the following documents:
(A) Statement of significance and need;
(B) Photographs showing equipment and cable routes;
(C) Plan of works;
(D) Photo of camera and cable route;
(E) Specification of equipment.

Church of Wandsworth: St Anne

Works or Proposals:-

‘N7 Project’ upgrade of the existing Telefonica telecommunications infrastructure installation at the church, principally comprising:
3no antennas in the bell-chamber level of the church tower to be replaced, utilising the existing steelwork support mounted to the wall at each church window location, and additional equipment units/modules to be installed within existing cabinets/frames. As described in: (A) twenty-nine drawings from NET Coverage Solutions, as listed on the Drawing Pack Issue sheet dated 18.03.22 (reference number Cornerstone 14942820 | TEF 071506 | VF 86168); (B) NET CS Design Statement dated 23/06/21; (C) email from Simon Talbot of NET CS dated 22 March 2022.

Church of South Dulwich: St Stephen

Works or Proposals:-

5G upgrade of the existing Telefonica telecommunications infrastructure installed at the church, principally comprising:
Proposed additional 3No. TEF antennas at lower level within bell chamber behind replacement replica GRP louvres (to replace existing slate louvres); 3No proposed TEF RRUs in lower bell chamber; 3No replacement TEF RRUs in upper bell chamber;
proposed cable tray in lower bell chamber (to serve new antenna locations).
All as described in the following documents:
(A) Statement of Significance
(B) Statement of Needs
(C) B2 & 5G Design Document dated 24th Sept 2021;
(D) thirty-five drawings from NET Coverage Solutions, as listed on the Drawing Pack Issue sheet dated 17.01.22 (reference number Cornerstone 14936921 TEF 043380).

Church of Carshalton: All Saints

Works or Proposals:-

5G upgrade of the existing Vodaphone infrastructure installation in the church tower, principally comprising:
In bell chamber: Proposed 1No. VF antenna (mounted to existing support pole on wall-mounted steel) behind existing GRP louvres; Existing ERS’s to be relocated into ERS Rack, with proposed ERS’s installed in their place; Proposed additional 4No. (per sector) wall-mounted brackets to strengthen existing steelwork.
In silence chamber: Existing 2No TEF FPFs to be relocated onto proposed new wall-mounted brackets, and existing horizontal and vertical cable-trays to be removed; Existing 1No TEF JSC cabinet mounted on existing cantilevered steelwork – proposed additional bracing to be installed; Existing 1No VF CSC cabinet to be relocated onto proposed new wall-mounted brackets; Existing 1No VF ERS rack to be relocated onto proposed wall-mounted brackets.
From ringing chamber up to silent chamber, and from silent chamber up to bell chamber: existing 2No internal wall-mounted access ladders – proposed additional strengthening details to be added
As described in the following documents: (A) Statement of Significance; (B) Statement of Need; (C) VF 5G Design Document (NET Ref: A99821) dated 26th Oct 2021; (D) forty-seven drawings from NET Coverage Solutions, as listed on the Drawing Pack Issue sheet dated 07.07.21 (reference number Cornerstone 14991823 _ VF87762_5).

Church of South Dulwich: St Stephen

works or other proposals:

Upgrade of existing PA/AV system in the church, principally the installation of: three new fixed cameras at the West end of the Nave to facilitate live-streaming; four new line-array loudspeakers (two in each side-aisle) and existing speakers (and associated wiring) removed, with the fixing-points ‘made good’; replacement/additional fitted microphones; and new floor-mounted lockable metal equipment-rack cabinet (at the West end of the North aisle, near the entrance-porch) to be housed within a bespoke wooden casing.
As described in the following documents: (A) Statement of Needs; (B) AV System Proposal from ‘About Sound’ Ltd; (C) ‘Notes from the Site Meeting on the 15th of June 2022’, by Ian Angus; (D) Photos of church; (E) Annotated floorplan of church.

Church of Abbey Wood: St Michael & All Angels

works or other proposals:
Redecoration of church interior including: change of wall-colour in the Lady Chapel (to blue), staining and varnishing softwood parquet floor, decorating wall plaster, locally cleaning water stained stone details, and cleaning mosaic floors. As described in the following supporting documents:
(A) Statements of Need and Significance July 2022 (Rev B) by Daniel Martin Conservation Surveyor;
(B) nine general photos of church interior;
(C) annotated floorplan re stone cleaning, and accompanying photos;
(D) Specification from Daniel Martin (Preliminaries – Rev A; Materials and Workmanship – Rev A;
Schedule of Work – Rev D 15 July 2022);
(E) Keim Paint colour charts extracts

Church of Morden: St Martin

works or other proposals:
Repurpose of a Store Room to accommodate uprated electrical supply: Take a replacement uprated electrical supply from the street; Install new service head and electricity meters in existing store room; Fit new secure fire door to the store room entrance; Connect existing electrical infrastructure belonging to the Church (and 2 integral residential flats) to the new supply.
As described in the following supporting documents:
(A) two emails;
(B) four photos;
(C) annotated site plan;
(D) annotated ground floor plan;
(E) UK Power Networks Quote;
(F) Just Electrical Services Ltd quotation.

Church of Abbey Wood: St Michael & All Angels

works or other proposals:
Replacement of the existing lighting system throughout the church, including: Custom-made hanging pendants (reinstating replicas of lost original pendant fittings in the Nave); Feature lighting; Improved control system; Limited enhancements to external light fittings; Emergency lighting; and Small-power electrical provision.

As described in the following documents:
(B) Lighting Project Preliminaries (11 March 2022) from Daniel Martin Chartered Surveyor
(C) Specification Document from CES LLP, Project No. 7144, dated 11 March 2022;
(D) 2021 Concept Lighting Design from CES LLP;
(E) nine existing photographs;
(F) annotated photographs for light fittings located on reredos and rood screen;
(G) four layout drawings from CES LLP;
(H) Luminaire Schedule and Luminaire Summary from CES LLP;
(I) Manufacturers Data Sheets pack from CES LLP;
(J) drawing of proposed light pendant and bracket from Great British Lighting (GBL (NW) Ltd.

Church of Streatham: St Leonard

works or other proposals:
replacement of existing doors between the Narthex and the Nave, with bespoke timber doors with toughened glass window-inserts, to be in Douglas fir, and stained and polished to match others in the building.

As described in the following supporting documents:
(A) Statement of Significance (April 2022);
(B) Statements of Need;
(C) six photos of existing doors;
(D) annotated location plan;
(E) ‘Door Details’ drawing ref D10 from Roderick Maclennan Architects (dated 17-Nov-2021);
(F) estimate ref 234 from M S Lock and Sons Ltd (dated 20-Jan-2022).

Church of Clapham: Holy Trinity

works or other proposals:

Narthex TV screen: To redecorate a section of wall located at the west end of the nave (in the south west corner of the Narthex); To fit a bracket for a wall-mounted 55″ TV screen, and to run a power cable through the (1990s) adjacent panelled wall. Only the upper part of the wall is to be redecorated as part of this application; the dado panelling will not be altered / impacted. Redecoration comprises plaster repairs (to fill in damaged small areas of plasterwork with a lime-based plaster) and re-painting (using a breathable paint and to match existing colour).

As described in the following documents:

(A) description of works (with accompanying ‘Wall Composition Report’); (B) wall plan; (C) floorplan; (D) accompanying photos; (E) Emails dated 21 July 2022 from Matt Oram and Russell Hanslip.

Church of Woodside: St Luke

works or other proposals:

Installation of two icons (linden-wood rectangular painted and gilded framed panels) to be fixed either side of the Chancel arch, depicting ‘St Luke, Doctor, Painter and Evangelist’, and ‘The Mother of God Hodegetria’, as described in the following documents:
(A) Statements of Significance and Needs;
(B) summary of works;
(C) an accompanying photograph;
(D) magazine article written by the iconographer;
(E) quote dated 10th December 2021;
(F) two draft drawings.

Church of Croydon: St Andrew

works or other proposals:

Enhanced security measures (fencing; lighting; CCTV). The proposal is to:
Replace boarded fence at rear entrance with railings; Install a gate and low railings to protect the stairs to the cellar entrance; Reinstate railing and a gate at the main entrance to the site; Replacement of external security light-fittings; Install CCTV cameras on storage unit in the grounds.
As described in the following documents:
(A) Statements of Significance and Needs;
(B) Security Proposal;
(C) three drawings of gates and railings;
(D) camera and light-fitting datasheets.

Church of Putney: St Mary

works or other proposals:

Upgrading of PA/AV System at St Mary’s, to improve livestreaming facilities, including two fixed cameras, with associated control equipment to be housing in new customised control desk and cabinet, as described in the following documents:
(A) Statement of Significance with appendices;
(B) Statement of Needs;
(C) various photos of St Mary’s;
(D) floorplans;
(E) Consultant’s Proposal from Alec Bouton (Route 430 Ltd) dated 4th Jan 2022, Rev1.

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