Role of the DAC

  • The DAC advises the Chancellor on faculty matters. The Committee effectively acts as the Chancellor’s technical advisers.
  • The DAC advises parishes. The DAC encourages parishes to involve them early in the process of developing proposals and is very happy to arrange for a group to visit the church to discuss proposals. This is done at no cost to the parish.
  • The DAC approves inspecting architects and surveyors for quinquennial inspections.

Dates of DAC meetings

The DAC normally meets on the second Tuesday of each month (except August). Details of matters for consideration are normally required at least two weeks before a meeting – this gives time for specialist members of the DAC to consider the proposals fully and for papers to be circulated to all members in advance of the meeting.

Dates for 2021


Dates for 2021
Date of meeting Deadline for submissions
12 January 29 December 2021
9 February 26 January
9 March 23 February
13 April 30 March
11 May 27 April
8 June 25 May
13 July 29 June
no meeting in August
14 September 31 August
12 October 28 September
9 November 26 October
14 December 30 November


Dates for 2022


Dates for 2022
Date of meeting Deadline for submissions
11 January 28 December 2021
8 February 25 January
8 March 22 February
5 April 22 March
10 May 26 April
7 June 31 May
12 July 28 June
no meeting in August
13 September 30 August
11 October 27 September
8 November 25 October
13 December 29 November

Due to the dates of Easter and Holy Week 2022, the DAC Meeting is provisionally scheduled for the 1st Tuesday of the month, not the 2nd. The deadline for submissions is consequently brought forward by one week.

Constitution and membership

DAC advisers (and most other Committee members) are volunteers who give their time freely and generously. Many are practising or retired professionals in various disciplines that are applicable to works in churches.

Download the Constitution of the DAC

Download the DAC’s Response to Southwark Vision.


Mr Philip Fletcher

Ex-officio members

Ven Dr Rosemarie Mallett – Archdeacon of Croydon
Ven Simon Gates – Archdeacon of Lambeth
Ven Alastair Cutting – Archdeacon of Lewisham & Greenwich
Ven Moira Astin – Archdeacon of Reigate
Revd Canon Jonathan Sedgwick – Acting Archdeacon of Southwark
Ven John Kiddle – Archdeacon of Wandsworth


Mr Sherry Bates – Architect
Mr Jonathan Betts MBE – Clocks Adviser
Mr Andrew Burke – Sustainability & Accessibility Adviser
Ms Karen Butti – Architect
Mr Robert Cooles – Bells Adviser
Mr Peter Cormack MBE – Stained Glass Adviser
Mr Martin Dow – Heating Adviser
Mr Paul Furness – Audio-Visual Systems & Acoustics Adviser
Revd Tim Goode – Accessibility Adviser
Mr Russell Hanslip – Architect
Mr Melvin Hughes – Vice-Chair and Organs Adviser
Mr Peter Jamieson – National Amenity Societies nominee
Ms Delcia Keate – Historic England nominee
Ms Jessica Kennedy – Structural Engineer
Mr Bruce Kirk – Lighting Adviser
Mr Tim Lynch – Architect
Mr Roderick Maclennan – Architect
Dr William McVicker – Organs Adviser
Revd Charlie Moore – Clergy Member
Mr John Parker – Horticultural & Landscape Adviser
Revd Wilma Roest – Liturgical Adviser and Clergy Member
Revd Dr Catherine Shelley – Churchyards Adviser [Associate]
Anna Sikorska – Artist and Art Adviser
Mr Stuart Tappin – Structural Engineer
Mrs Alison Walker – Interior Designer
Mr Robert Whytehead – Archaeological Adviser
Ms Virginia Wedgwood – Architect
Mr Bob Wilson – Chartered Building Surveyor
Vacancy – Lay Member of Diocesan Synod
Vacancy – Clergy Member of Diocesan Synod
Vacancy – Local Authority Nominee

The point of contact for the work of the Committee is the DAC Secretary (at Trinity House):
Luke Tatam (020 7939 9457)

Former places of worship in the Diocese of Southwark

The DAC acts as an advisory body to the Bishop and to the Diocesan Mission and Pastoral Committee (DMPC) on closing places of worship, and on new churches being built. The DAC and DMPC have jointly produced a booklet on Former places of worship (sometimes known as ‘lost churches’) in the Diocese of Southwark which is provided for the benefit of parishes, academics, and members of the public researching their family history.

The South London Church Fund and Southwark Diocese Board of Finance is a company limited by guarantee (No. 236594).
Registered Office: Trinity House, 4 Chapel Court, Borough High Street, London SE1 1HW. Registered Charity: (No. 249678).

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