The God of love, revealed in Jesus Christ, invites us to enter into relationship through prayer. Prayer transforms us; it enables us to live out our full potential as individuals and draws us to share in God’s creative and compassionate work in the world. We discover the Spirit of God to be the centre and source of the life we lead as individuals, and together, as the Church. From a Christian perspective this transforming experience of the Spirit is ‘spirituality’.

The Diocesan Spiritual Formation Group seeks to support individuals and local churches in their growth in prayer and openness to the Spirit. For more information on how they may help you or your church, please contact us below to be put in touch with a member of the group.

What is spirituality?

Spirituality is a dimension of being human that makes us conscious of the mystery and wonder of life and moves us to seek meaning. Within the routine of life there are moments of awareness of a deeper level of reality: for example listening to a beautiful piece of music, being stopped in our tracks by the wonder of a starry night, or the chasm opening within after the death of someone dear to us. These moments awaken us to our spiritual nature. They give colour and depth to life. They make us ask fundamental questions: Who am I? What is life for? What really matters?

What is Christian spirituality?

For Christians, the source of all life and being is God revealed in Jesus Christ. Christian spirituality is how we experience being drawn into the life and activity of God by the Spirit. It involves prayer and study of the Bible but doesn’t stop there. Spirituality is about the whole of life and how it is formed and shaped by our relationship with God: our being, acting, relating, and choosing. In simple terms, spirituality is life lived in the Spirit.

Such forming and shaping isn’t easy: we have to let go of ways of thinking and relating that are destructive and self-limiting. If we persist in seeking God through prayer and being willing to serve our neighbour, then, through the Spirit, we will begin to see as God sees and love as God loves. With Christ we will not only pray but also live out ‘your kingdom come, here on earth as in heaven’.

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