We are Jesus’ disciples when we follow him and seek to become more and more like him, living as he would have us live.   Our discipleship is about growing in our faith and allowing God to transform us.   Being transformed into the people that God wants us to be will take our whole lives.

Discipleship involves many things.  These include:

  • worshipping God, we do this when we are gathered together on a Sunday but not only then!  Worship is not something only for Sunday but for everyday of the week when we study Scripture and pray, alone or with others
  • learning about our faith through studying the scriptures and finding out about the traditional beliefs of the Church.  We can learn from others as they show us how to live as Christians, and how to practise our faith
  • community as our faith is something that we share with others.  We learn together and we encourage and support one another as we seek to live out our faith day to day.  Quite often being part of the Christian community involves sharing a meal!
  • giving our time, our skills, and our resources in God’s service and mission.

On the menu to the right, you can find links to resources to help you in your discipleship.  You can find other resources to help you share your faith in the mission section of this website.

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