There are 535 men and women ordained as deacons and priests in the Diocese of Southwark.  Some are paid a stipend (this is a bit like a salary)  in order to enable them to undertake the work of sharing God’s good news in their parish.   Others work as self-supporting or non-stipendiary minsters.  These men and women give their time to the church voluntarily whilst working in paid employment.

The Department of Discipleship, Lay Ministry and Continuing Ministerial Education, works with the Bishops and Archdeacons to make sure that our clergy are equipped for ministry by providing workshops and courses focussing on important issues relating to ministry today.  It also offers help with sabbaticals, coaching and enabling our clergy to undertake further education and training.

All support is designed to ensure that the clergy in Southwark Diocese are well equipped to work with the laity from across the Diocese to ensure that God’s love is shared with those around us.

For Events to support your ministry look at our What’s On page

There  is further information on our MDRs, Grants and Sabbaticals page.

If you need additional information get in touch with the Director or Administrator, who can put you in touch with the appropriate people.


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