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The Bishop's Certificate

Often known as the Bishop’s Certificate, this ten-month course in discipleship is called Growing in Faith and Life.  It runs from September to June, and covers six subjects:

following: about the New Testament
remembering: about the Old Testament
exploring: about how we have become the Church of England
believing: about what Christians believe
challenging: about ethics, mission, and issues facing Christians today
responding: about prayer, worship and our spirituality.

There are two routes through the course.  The first is to go to the sessions, join in the discussions and enjoy learning.  At the end of the year, you will receive a scroll from the Bishop in recognition that you completed the course.

If you choose the second route, you will undertake an assignment at the end of each module. You can submit a formal piece of writing, or a more creative and personal reflection. At the end of the year you will be presented with the Bishop’s Certificate.  Some people undertake this route through the Bishop’s Certificate as the first step to becoming a SPA, a Reader or as an exploration of ordination.

The Bishop’s Certificate is taught on a termly cycle on a midweek evening or Saturday daytime, whichever is preferable.  It ends with a residential weekend at Wychcroft, the Southwark Diocese training centre.  For more details, contact The Bishop's Certificate Administrator and ask for a leaflet or application form, or telephone 020 7939 9475.

This is an area of this website available only to Bishop’s Certificate students. If you’re a Bishop’s Certificate student, you can log in to access your course resources below. If you think you should have a password, please contact Peter Graystone.