The Diocese of Southwark is pleased to announce its newly elected General Synod members. Out of 24 Clergy and 27 Laity that put themselves forward for election, seven have been elected in each of the House of Laity and House of Clergy.

The Bishop of Southwark, The Rt Revd Christopher Chessun, said, “I am delighted that there has been such strong support for the General Synod from across the Diocese. This has been reflected in the many people who put themselves forward for election and I am grateful to everyone who did, including those who were not successful on this occasion.”

“The Diocese of Southwark has a long history of supporting General Synod in this way and I am confident in those who will be representing the Diocese over the next five years. The Church faces many challenges and there is much to do, which is why I am confident in those from the Diocese who have been elected. They bring a wealth of experience, passion and commitment. My prayers and support go with them,” continued Bishop Christopher.

Those elected are as follows:

House of Laity

Helen Ainsworth (newly elected)

Rebecca Chapman (re-elected)

Adrian Greenwood (re-elected

Carl Hughes (re-elected)

Matthew Parkes (newly elected)

Paul Waddell (newly elected)

Rosemary Wilson (newly elected)

House of Clergy

The Revd Carol Bates (newly elected)

The Revd Canon Simon Butler (re-elected)

The Revd Mae Christie (newly elected)

The Venerable Alastair Cutting (newly elected)

The Revd Canon Timothy Goode (re-elected)

The Revd Andrew Moughtin-Mumby (re-elected)

The Revd Jago Wynne (newly elected)

Bishop Karowei has been elected to General Synod representing Southern Suffragans, and the Very Revd Andrew Nunn, Dean of Southwark, was also re-elected to Synod by the southern Deans of England Cathedrals.

General Synod is the legislative body of the Church of England. Together with the Westminster Parliament, it is the only body in the land which is entitled to make national law for England.

Legislative Measures passed by the Church of England are signed off by the Queen as Head of State. In addition to legislation, the General Synod also agrees the national Budget for the Church of England and debates a wide range of public and social issues from the perspective of a faith organisation.

More information about the Synod elections is available at