In the last of our videos for Lent Call, Bishop Christopher discusses the importance of the work it is supporting, which is helping to tackle food poverty across the Diocese of Southwark and in our Link Dioceses in Zimbabwe and Jerusalem.

The Bishop says: “Jesus calls on us to have compassion for our brothers and sisters. They are members of Christ’s family, and when we care for them we care for Christ.”

He adds: “As Lent comes to an end and we move into the joy of our Easter celebrations, I invite you to continue to think about compassion through the lens of hospitality.”

Watch the video here:

A prayer for use with the Lent Call material:

Creator God,
we give thanks for all that you have given to us.
We pray for those who are experiencing food insecurity.
in the places featured in the Lent Call and elsewhere.
Help us to show compassion for them.
Give us the will to work with others to help to bring about change.
Help us to show our care and concern for those around us who are in need.
Bring justice and fullness of life to all your people.
We ask this through Jesus Christ, your Son, our Lord.

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