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Faculties & Judgments

Parishes within the Diocese of Southwark needing to place a notice on this page should e-mail details to the Pastoral Department.

The Diocesan Advisory Committee has issued advice to the Parochial Church Councils of the following Parishes in respect of the proposed works detailed below. It is anticipated that the Parochial Church Councils will petition the Consistory Court of the Diocese for Faculties authorising these works.

Any interested party may seek further details at the relevant Church noted below. Before a Faculty is granted, a Public Notice will be displayed for a continuous period of at least 28 days at the relevant Church. This notice will also state where detailed plans and specifications of the works may be viewed.

If you wish to object to the proposed works, please direct your written objection to the Diocesan Registrar, Diocesan Registry, Minerva House, 5 Montague Close, London SE1 9BB. Objections must reach the Registrar on or before the deadline for individual submissions noted below, or the deadline stated on the exhibited public notice (whichever is the later).


Description of Works: Re-wiring, replacement of distribution panel, and associated upgrades to the electrical system; Replacement lighting system, including installation of eleven new bespoke pendants to North Nave Aisle, South Nave Aisle, Chancel and South Tower arch, and additional spotlighting and uplighting, with control system.

All as described in the following documents: (A) Statements of Significance and Needs; (B) ten photographs; (C) email from Bruce Kirk dated 31st January 2018 with two accompanying pages of photosheets; (D) two annotated photographs showing the preferred pendant shade; (E) emails from Paul Sharrock (Inspecting Architect) dated 2nd December 2016 and 2nd February 2018; (F) letter from Bruce Kirk of Light Perceptions Ltd dated 21st January 2018 with accompanying documents (five drawings ref 3663_D001C, 3663_D002C, 3663_D003B, 3663_D00A4, 3663_D005A; Luminaire Schedule ref 3663_LS; pendant locations and sightlines presentation; Specification and Scope of Works ref 3663TDv1; Control assignments summary V1; Control assignments V1; Luminaire Datasheets V2); (G) Concept Design and initial project information documents (additional notes from Light Perceptions Ltd dated 7th September 2017; letter from Peter Anderson, July 2017; Pendant Design Details and Shades presentation dated June 2017; 'Modernising the wiring and lighting system' dated November 2016; RIBA 2 Concept Design Report V2 dated October 2016).

Date by which any objections applications must have been submitted: 20 March 2018.


Description of Works: Alterations to form a day chapel in the South aisle, comprising: installation of timber screen with credence table and celebrant’s chair; new stone altar (in Bath stone to match existing stone dressings), cross and bracket to high level niche (cross comes from the original church and is currently stored in the basement), blocking up the existing slot window; new decorative paint scheme to the niche; moving the hanging lighting.

All as described in the following documents: (A) Statement of Significance and Need; (B) statement by David Stephenson 'Proposal for a new Day Chapel' dated November 2017; (C) Specification from Austin Winkley & Associates Project Ref 1506 (rev A) dated 18th December 2017; (D) fourteen drawings from Austin Winkley & Associates, numbered 1 - 14 (with drawing 12 rev A, updated 18/12/17).

Date by which any objections applications must have been submitted: 20 March 2018.