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Faculties & Judgments

Parishes within the Diocese of Southwark needing to place a notice on this page should e-mail details to the Pastoral Department.

The Diocesan Advisory Committee has issued advice to the Parochial Church Councils of the following Parishes in respect of the proposed works detailed below. It is anticipated that the Parochial Church Councils will petition the Consistory Court of the Diocese for Faculties authorising these works.

Any interested party may seek further details at the relevant Church noted below. Before a Faculty is granted, a Public Notice will be displayed for a continuous period of at least 28 days at the relevant Church. This notice will also state where detailed plans and specifications of the works may be viewed.

If you wish to object to the proposed works, please direct your written objection to the Diocesan Registrar, Diocesan Registry, Minerva House, 5 Montague Close, London SE1 9BB. Objections must reach the Registrar on or before the deadline for individual submissions noted below, or the deadline stated on the exhibited public notice (whichever is the later).

Name of Church: BROCKLEY, ST PETER

Description of Works: 

Phone line to Church, and Wi Fi Installation to Office and within Church

Date by which any objections applications must have been submitted: 18 November 2018.


Description of Works:

Installation of an acoustic partition screen, with an acoustic door, in the arched opening in the first floor of the tower (on the West side of the organ frontal, and behind an existing curtain),

as described in the following documents: (A) Statement of Significance & Need (Rev A dated July 2018); (B) two drawings from NET Coverage Solutions (ref A02765-VF-1001-L and A02765-VF-1002-L dated 20 June 2018); (C) Email from Tim Gough (Inspecting Architect) dated 27th July 2018; (D) Method Statement for Acoustic Wall – A02765 All Saints Sanderstead v3; (E) Dynamic Risk Assessment - A02765 All Saints Sanderstead v2; (F) Acoustics Technical Memorandum from Environmental Equipment Corporation Ltd (ref EC16176-001 dated 31/05/2018); (G) sixteen accompanying photographs.

Date by which any objections applications must have been submitted: 30 November 2018.


Description of Works:

Installation of glass entrance doors to outer archway of South porch (in addition to retention of the existing historic inner door),

as described in the following documents: (A) Statement of Significance (Revision A ref 628314, dated May 2017); (B) Statement of Need (Revision A ref 628314, dated May 2017); (C) Access Audit (ref 628 315 / 15, dated May 2017); (D) Faculty application statement from David Weightman (ref 5032.FA v3, dated 27.09.2018), with Appendix A, Appendix B (incorporating a quotation from Ion Glass Ltd ref E7604.02.18PAH Revision A dated 13 July 2018, with accompanying drawings 7604/004/CO and 7604/001/CO), and Appendix C.]

Date by which any objections applications must have been submitted: 8 December 2018.


Description of Works:

Renovation of the church interior, including: Lowering of the Vestry and Lady Chapel floors to the ground floor level of the Nave; Reordering of the interior of the Lady Chapel; Alterations to the interior of the Vestry; Alterations to the Sanctuary flooring levels to facilitate greater access; Relocation and safe storage of the Thomas Ford Pulpit and Lectern, and communion rails; Introduction of semi-permanent (but moveable) access ramp to Sanctuary; Installation of new Sanctuary panelled adjustable screens (with the North side screen incorporating a staircase and pulpit); Installation of new intermediate panelled screens part way down the Nave (to contain storage); Installation of new Baptistery and Oratory structures in the Nave towards the West end (to contain storage), and relocating the Font to the North side (to be incorporated into the Baptistery area); Introduction of new chairs, to replace existing chairs; Additional/upgraded lighting; Re-decoration of the church interior; Restoration of the Hans Feibusch murals; Removal/relocation of the David Morris murals and other items as detailed in the documentation; Additional/upgraded Audio-Visual system; Improvements to the acoustics (principally in the ceiling).

All as described in the following documents: (A) Statement of Significance dated May 2018 (from Alan Baxter & Associates); (B) Statement of Need dated October 2018; (C) Design Report document from Eric Parry Architects, Revision 01 dated 12/09/2018, including Appendices A - H; (D) correspondence from Historic England dated 20 February and 21 May 2018, from the Local Planning Authority dated 21 May 2018, from the Twentieth-Century Society dated 22 May and 9 October 2018, and from the Church Buildings Council dated 5 July and 19 October 2018.

Date by which any objections applications must have been submitted: 13 December 2018.