We are currently offering the following safeguarding training:

Basic Awareness (C0) for

  • All Church Volunteers
  • Anyone going on to complete any other safeguarding learning pathway

For further details, please see below the Foundation module.

Foundation (C1) for

  • All members of clergy, Readers and Southwark Pastoral Auxiliaries
  • Anyone in a role which involves work with children, young people, or vulnerable adults.
  • Churchwardens
  • Anyone going on to complete any other safeguarding learning pathway.
  • Vergers
  • PCC Members, including Church Wardens.
  • Teaching staff at Theological Education Institutions,
  • Members of the Diocesan Safeguarding Advisory Panel

These are both online courses which you can access by registering at this site:

When your registration has been confirmed you will be able to access the course. It takes around 60 minutes; however you can log in and out at any time and pick up from where you left off. Please remember to choose Southwark as your diocese and include the full name and location of your church.

Leadership (C2) for

  • All Clergy holding the Bishop’s licence, commission, authorisation, or permission, including Honorary/Assistant Bishops and Chaplains.
  • All Readers and Southwark Pastoral Auxiliaries
  • Safeguarding Officers in all Church bodies
  • Churchwardens

This is designed to be run over two sessions of 90 minutes, two weeks apart. There is written work to complete and submit before and after the course. Most of our sessions are delivered over Zoom, however we do also have some face-to-face sessions.

You can see our course dates and book a place at:

Parish Safeguarding Officer Induction for

People new to this role, however existing PSOs are welcome to attend

This will be delivered as a half-day face-to-face session with some pre-reading and a reflection to complete four weeks after the course.

You can see our course dates and book a place at:

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