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Bulletin no.11 - Friday 15 May

6 months, 2 weeks ago

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

We hope that you have been finding the daily Reflections from the Archdeacon of Wandsworth, the Venerable John Kiddle, which have been tweeted out at noon everyday and can be found at https://southwark.anglican.org/prayer/reflections
Thy Kingdom Come begins on Ascension Day (Thursday 21 May) and we hope that your parish is going to be engaging with this exciting initiative.  The materials have been especially adapted to take account of the effects of the coronavirus and these can be found here https://southwark.anglican.org/tkc

  1. Building security
    Sadly, we are aware that there have been a number of break ins in our churches and in churches across the country.  You will remember that we sent out some guidance from the EIG in Bulletin No.3 on 27 March. This can be found on EIG’s website at: https://www.ecclesiastical.com/risk-management/unoccupied-properties-during-covid-19/church/

    It may be that the situation will ease somewhat now that we are able to go into our churches to stream our services and can take more exercise.  However, when your exercise takes you past the church please do walk round it to make sure that the church is secure.   In addition, if you can please ask any members of your church whose exercise takes them past the church to also walk around it to check that all is well.


  1. Cybersecurity for meetings/services using Zoom
    General guidance on cybersecurity was issued by the CTG on Holy Saturday, 11 April and can be found here: https://southwark.anglican.org/coronavirus/coronavirus-faqs/#cs
    Since then, it has been brought to our attention that there have been some incidents of unwanted intrusions (‘Zoombombing’) affecting services being livestreamed by some of our parishes. The CTG feels it prudent to issue some additional guidance.

    The latest edition of Zoom (Zoom 5.0) was issued on 27 April containing security enhancements and additional meeting safeguards to help keep your meetings safe from Zoombombing (https://zoom.us/docs/en-us/zoom-v5-0.html). Please ensure that your Zoom account is updated to this latest version.

Please note that:

  • all meetings are now required by Zoom to have a password. Only circulate the meeting password to trusted individuals and please don't share it online - it's the same as letting the public know where your spare front door keys are kept!
  • also please send people the invitation to the meeting in a different email to the password
  • to add additional security, we advise that you ask people to let you know in advance that they will be attending the meeting, and to tell you the screen name they'll use.
  • the Zoom waiting room should now be enabled automatically on all meetings. Check the screen names against your list, and only let in those people you are expecting.
  • screen sharing is now set, by default, to only be an option for the meeting host. We recommend that you keep it set this way to avoid any unwanted interruptions.


  1. Wellbeing
    St Luke’s (healthcare for the clergy) has issued some materials concerning clergy wellbeing which we have attached to this bulletin. Do look at their materials on their website at https://www.stlukesforclergy.org.uk/st-lukes-virtual-wellbeing-programme/

    In the coming weeks we will be adding a wellbeing button to the front of the Diocesan website and will be adding wellbeing materials for clergy and laity.  We hope that this will offer some help as we all seek to deal with the effects of the lockdown.


  1. Help with online services
    We have put help about online services on the Diocesan website at https://southwark.anglican.org/churchonline/ and we are pleased also to offer some training for those who have put their services online and want to think about the next steps.
    Details can be found here https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/taking-your-church-online-whats-next-tickets-105417863668
    From this Sunday Bishop Christopher’s service will be available on his Twitter stream: @BishopSouthwark and on the Diocesan Facebook and YouTube channels at https://www.facebook.com/SouthwarkCofE and https://www.youtube.com/user/SouthwarkDiocese


With our best wishes to you at this time.

The Coronavirus Task Group

(Bishop Christopher, the Very Revd Andrew Nunn, the Venerable Alastair Cutting, Ruth Martin and the Revd Canon Wendy Robins)