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Justice, Peace & Integrity of Creation

As the newest Diocesan department (commissioned late 2015), the Justice, Peace & the Integrity of Creation (JPIC) department is fully integrated into the Diocesan structures, and continues to strengthen support and the provision of resources for parishes and communities throughout the Diocese on issues pertaining to the Common Good, with a focus on the last three marks of mission that is:

  1. To respond to human need by loving service
  2. To transform unjust structures of society, to challenge violence of every kind and pursue peace and reconciliation
  3. To strive to safeguard the integrity of creation, and sustain and renew the life of the earth

Since its inception, the department has, and continues to form extensive links with both statutory and voluntary sector organisations in all areas of work, recognising that the effectiveness of our work on the Common Good is fundamentally based on good strategic partnerships.

Please contact us for further information, advice and support

The JPIC Team


Laura Baggaley, Environmental Admin Coordinator
Sue Mallinson, Diocesan Environment Officer

We work with churches, parishes and deaneries to support them in a wide range of environmental activities, including the ‘Eco Church’ scheme. ‘Eco Church’ is a key way in which Southwark Diocese helps churches engage in caring for God’s creation. We provide resources and ideas for church events and actions, including suggestions for individual lifestyle changes and eco activities for young people. We’ll do our best to provide answers to any other environmental queries.

As we work together towards becoming an ‘Eco Diocese’, we continue to deepen our commitment to the fifth mark of mission, and to live our faith in everyday choices and actions. We invite you to join us on this journey.

Laura is based in Trinity House and is available by email or phone on Mondays: laura.baggaley@southwark.anglican.org

Sue works across the Diocese, and is available by email: suemalli@tiscali.co.uk

We are always very encouraged to hear about environmental initiatives happening across the Diocese that you are enabling. Please do get in touch and tell us what your church is doing so that we can share the news with others.

Refugees and Modern Day Slavery

Joanne McCrone, Refugee Response Coordinator

The Refugee Response Coordinator for the Diocese works to raise awareness of, stimulate and encourage practical support at parish and deanery level, working with both clergy and lay to develop responses to help those in our society who have been marginalised as a result of having been displaced, unable to access help because of being seen as alien, are needing to integrate, belong, find homes and settle.  

Areas of focus include promoting the integration of refugees and asylum seekers, finding ways of helping victims of modern slavery, finding support for groups with insecure status struggling to attain citizenship, and working in partnership with other organisations working to combat poverty as it is experienced by vulnerable migrants and who are involved in welcoming and reaching out to those in such need.

The 4 areas of focus for this role are

  • Modern Slavery
    • Raising awareness of the existence of modern slavery in our communities and helping parishes to find ways of responding
    • Linking up with the Clewer Initiative and other organisations working in this area
  • Promoting and resourcing English language classes and conversation groups
    • Drawing together parishes and other groups within the diocese to use the teaching of English to vulnerable non - English speaking migrants as a form of outreach in order to help those with limited English access services and integrate
  • Citizenship
    • Looking into ways we can help those in our communities struggling to belong as citizens in the UK, whether they were born in the UK or have chosen or had to settle here.
  • Resettlement and integration of refugees
    • Promoting community sponsorship, supporting parishes working with refuges through the VPRS scheme and giving advice will continue as before.
    • Furthering the commitment as laid down in the Refugee professionals motion passed by General Synod to find ways if possible of helping refugee professionals to find ways of working in the UK

Poverty Focus

Nelly Misenga, Together Southwark

Together Southwark was created in 2013 as a joint venture between the Diocese of Southwark and Church Urban Fund with the aim to promote mission, ministry and provide practical action to tackle poverty across the Diocese.

Together Southwark is chaired by the Very Revd Dr Karowei Woyin Dorgu, Bishop of Woolwich

Project Support:

  • Support existing church-run projects
  • Support with scoping and setting up one new social action project per Archdeaconry such as projects to alleviate holiday hunger among children from low income families
  • Facilitator Training on issues such as Universal Credit.

Access to Resources:

  • Funding, training and affordable training resources.
  • Assist with reviewing funding applications prepared by churches for such funding.

Disability and Access

Tim Goode

Tim Goode works to increase awareness of the need for more inclusion of people with disabilities in the life of our churches and communities.

Serious Youth Violence & Knife Crime

Althea Smith, Team Associate

The church is called to challenge injustice and address the issues that affects not only ourselves and our congregations, but also our neighbours and our community.

Althea Smith, leads on this part of the work of the JPIC team with regards serious youth violence and knife crime.

Interfaith Relations

Currently vacant

The Diocese of Southwark is unusual in that we are a living example of how Christianity can flourish in a multi-religious context. This gives an inspiring and encouraging message to others and so the telling of stories illustrating this is of great value. In particular the hubs of activity around the Walworth/Old Kent Road, Tooting and North Croydon are a source of stories of interaction and a valuable resource for the diocese. Giving curates a day to experience and explore how this works so well, more could be made of this resource by extending to clergy who are new to the diocese or working out of a less diverse context.

As we seek to grow the Kingdom we will be drawn into active partnerships with people from other faith communities. Working together for the Common Good is a visible sign of our commitment to the world that God deeply loves.

We have longstanding relationships with two bi-lateral organisations: The Council for Christians & Jews and The Christian Muslim Forum.