In late spring 2023 Sister Comfort Fearon (Southwark Diocesan President of MU) introduced the church to The Mother’s Union.

Our introduction began with the Metamorphosis program. At the very beginning we were a small group, but the group has blossomed with parishioners from St Stephen’s church to the wider community.

We had little knowledge of the MU, believing as the name states it was for Mother’s only, but we soon learnt MU is for everyone.

We have one faithful male member who attends our weekly sessions almost every week, other faithful attendees consist of mother’s, aunties, sisters, retirees, child free women, and children of all ages.

Our sessions range from bible studies, Gospelaoke, bring and share, prayer and pizza, craft sessions, quiz sessions which has even extended to our sister church St. Mark’s Oval, and much, much more.

We have focused on the wider community and what we could do to spread the word. This has led to Tuesday morning coffee clubs attended by parents on the school run and our local neighbours.

There is also a Tuesday evening community table tennis club. Some of our neighbours who have lived in the area for a while were unaware of the church, but MU inspired activities has alerted them to our existence. Lastly, the MU has supported two families to a mini-UK summer holiday.

Emma Peters (Leader of the new Branch)