What attracted your parish to the Parish Giving Scheme?

I was a curate in Chichester Diocese from 2012 to 2016 and we launched the PGS in the three churches there. I was keen to use it here when I arrived as Rector, and I am delighted that Southwark has now signed up.

“The benefits start as soon as one person signs up!”

The key things that sold it to the PCC were:

  • Improved cashflow. We usually submit one large Gift Aid claim each year, which means the Gift Aid on a donation might arrive twelve months after the donation. Using the PGS means the Gift Aid on those donations arrives within 10 days.
  • Reduced admin. Every donation that goes through the PGS is one less donation where we have to submit the paperwork for the Gift Aid – in the long run this reduces the Treasurer’s workload and makes it easier to replace them when they want to stand down!
  • The inflation uplift. In a year’s time we will start seeing a little bit more money coming in without doing anything. Often stewardship can be running hard to stand still because we have to keep up with inflation before our finances really improve.

What has worked well so far using PGS?

The paperwork has arrived promptly (by email) and has been easy for people to complete. The scheme has been efficient at processing new donor forms.

Do you have any advice or tips for parishes as they also join the Scheme?

Just sign up! If you have any doubts about the way the Scheme works then get key PCC members to use it prior to publicly launching it. Explain that you aren’t trying to force everyone to use it. If someone wants to remain on a Standing Order or an envelope that is fine, but it would help the Treasurer if they moved across. The benefits start as soon as one person signs up! Ensure that forms etc. are available when we can start holding services in person again.

Find out more about PGS on our website, or contact a member of our Giving Team.