1. The homeless community. This prayer station involved writing prayers on cardboard boxes and praying for those who are affected by homelessness, students could also reflect on  the school’s link with Sutton Night Watch Homeless Charity which the  school works hard to support where they can.
  2. The prayer station for the school community was all about praying for pupils, teachers and all staff who work at the school and the links that they have with each other as the prayers were made into a paper chain that would be hung up in an area of the school.
  3. The  prayer station for healing used plasters and a wooden cross. Students thought about people they knew who are unwell, wrote their name on a plaster and stuck the plaster onto the cross as a symbolic way of praying for healing.
  4. The prayer station for ourselves involved students creating a big prayer journal with prayers about people or things that were on their mind.
  5. Students prayed for 5 people to know Jesus using hand prints with each finger bearing the name of someone they know to come to know the love of Jesus.
  6. The environment prayer station involved praying about the world that God made and how to look after it. Students took flower stickers and stuck them onto the meadow as they said a prayer.
  7. When praying for the world, students decorated flags and stuck them into polystyrene globes while saying a prayer for the different countries.
  8. Students prayed for strength and asked for God’s help and strength with tough situations in life as they tied colourful ribbons to a rope.
  9. The Lord’s prayer prayer station used prayer cards as a prompt for students to use pipe cleaners and beads to make prayer beads with each colour representing a portion of The Lord’s Prayer. They attached the prayer beads to the prayer card and could either keep for themselves or give to someone else to use to pray.
  10.  Students prayed for someone they love by decorating people representing those they loved and said prayers for them as they stuck hearts onto the outlines.
  11.  Playdough was used as a way of saying thank you prayers. Students  prayed for and sculpted things that they were thankful to God for in the world.
  12.  The prayer day also included members of the local community, who were invited to write things they wanted to pray for and peg them onto hearts outside of the school gates.