In March, the Parish Giving Scheme launched their online portal – making it easier than ever for donors to pledge a gift to their parish. For those facilitating the Scheme in your parish, here’s how to make the most of this new function.

Finding your landing page

 As part of the online service, each registered parish has a landing page where donors can sign up to give. You can point people directly to your PGS landing page via your unique URL, which you could share on your website, social media pages, and livestreams. You can find your parish’s landing page by going to the PGS website and putting your parish code into the search function.

Editing your page

For this page, PGS import the data from your “A Church Near You” site. This includes location, contacts, and some information about your church. Any changes will need to be made via ACNY.

The introductory information/paragraph you see on your PGS landing page is a copy of your entry on your ACNY front page, which is some cases is nothing. This text can only be altered at source i.e., by your ACNY editor.

Your PGS statement receiver can customise your PGS landing page by adding and invitation to give and additional information (which will proceed any ACNY text). We encourage parishes to use the sample prose below which invites people to inflation-link and Gift Aid their giving where possible. PGS have created a guide on how to update your landing page, including helpful tips.

Alterations to your PGS landing page prose will need to be done by the statement receiver; PGS has produced a guide to activating your online statement receiver account which may be of use to you. It may be helpful for your parish to add an additional statement receiver to manage the online administration, which you can do by completing the copy statement receiver form.

Sample PGS landing page message

As a church we rely entirely on the financial generosity of supporters like you. Your support of St Agatha’s enables our ongoing ministry such as Sunday services, Messy Church, and our foodbank. By giving regularly through PGS, you are also ensuring that our building is maintained, staff are paid, and the doors of St Agatha’s are open to the local community.

If you are able, please inflation-link your gift to St Agatha’s; this is an enormous help to us as we face rising costs over the years. If you are UK taxpayer, please make a Gift Aid declaration; this increases your gift by 25% at no cost to you.

Thank you for your generous support – it is greatly appreciated.

New to PGS?

To find out more about the Parish Giving Scheme, and our resources for PCC members, have a look at our PGS PCC Zone or contact our Generous Giving Adviser, Clare Lucas.