Covid-19 Response


We also had contributors on the panel, including a former Acts 435 Advocate who volunteered at one of the churches in the Diocese, and took this mission to their new church after moving to the countryside. There was a certain level of uncertainty when we heard the news of the second lockdown, which happened to be on the same date as the event.  So, although it was online, the question was of whether people would be in the mood to join us at all. So, it was indeed a pleasant surprise to see you all who attended (almost 90%).  Thank you again. It was a pleasure to have you join the conversation.

Together Southwark is keen to make sure that this free resource, and the difference it makes to peoples ‘lives, is known across the Diocese.

This is one of the ways in which churches could offer support to people who fall on hard times, particularly during the pandemic.  Many have lost their livelihoods during these challenging times; some have even had to turn to a foodbank for the first time in their life.

How does it work?

Advocates from churches and charities post requests for help on the Acts 435 website on behalf of a person or family in need, then the charities donors read these requests, and each gives an amount of their choice until the total is reached.

How do we get involved?

It is quick to get started. Your church simply needs to appoint a representative to be your Acts 435 Advocate. When DBS checks are already in place, the appointed Advocate can be signed up and operational in a couple of days and can then immediately post requests for help on the Acts 435 website on behalf of the people you support. To find out more about this free opportunity for partnership, or to organise a talk and Questions and Answers session at your next PCC meeting and get started, please email [email protected]