If all you want for Christmas is a contactless giving machine for your church, we’ve got good news for you!

We hav Contactless giving machine set up for Christmas e slots available in our Try Before You Buy scheme from the end of November into Christmas and the New Year.  That means you could borrow a machine to trial contactless giving over the busy services of the festive period. Please email to sign up for a slot.

Christ Church Shooters Hill recently participated in our Try Before You Buy scheme. They were pleasantly surprised at how quickly people got on board with the machine. Mother Ariadne was delighted: “we’ve had it for less than a week, but already it has been an amazing success!”

Receiving donations that otherwise would not have occurred, Shooters Hill received “£15 from two people who don’t give regularly and who had no cash on them” at their Eucharist service, and £70 from one Messy Church service, “most of whom didn’t have (much) cash on them.”

After only one week, the contactless trial was a hit. Members of the congregation instantly saw the value in the opportunities the machine created for people to give and offered to purchase a machine for the church.

“I must admit that I was very sceptical when Gabby said that people might offer to buy the machine for us, but we have already received the money for the machine! Two people very kindly offered to share the cost.”

Before their 3-week trial had finished, Shooters Hill had purchased their own machine, which enables those who don’t have cash or can’t commit to regular giving to make a donation.