Parishes communicate in countless ways: via church noticeboards, service sheets, parish newsletters or magazines and, of course, in church on Sundays. These days, they increasingly also use websites and social media to share their message. And when a whole team is doing the communicating, it can be difficult to keep that message consistent.

A Style Guide can encourage the whole parish team to speak with one voice, and help them to showcase the parish’s work in a professional-looking and attractive way. This document contains advice and examples that may help parishes to create their own bespoke Style Guides: help with some of the issues you might want to consider; writing for the web and social media; dealing with the press and writing press releases; and a condensed version of our Diocesan Style Guide as an example.

Download the style guide for parishes (.pdf, 3.5mb)

Need any advice on putting together a style guide, or sharing your message with an audience? Get in touch with our Communications team.