Many may be thinking how is it December already? Some of the children may have eagerly popped open their 1st few days of December window of their advent calendar to reveal their little chocolate and even the adults too! You may even have one of those fancy advent calendars such as a different type of tea every day.

Upon the success of last year’s reverse advent calendar please see attached again for 2023! As you know many families may not feel so optimistic and joyous at this time of year, but rather feel even more sadness and pressure of the things they cannot give their families.

In this advent calendar instead of receiving a treat you put aside an item that will later be given to your local food bank. You may want to do this as a family, or with the people you live with. You may even consider doing it as a team at work or at church allocating one or two people to a particular day

However, you decide to do it, we are sure it will be much appreciated, full instructions are included..

Please also take time to pray for families and those in poverty throughout the advent season.

The JPIC Team

Reverse advent calendar 2023