What is Refugee week 2024?

Many churches, schools and community Groups will be celebrating Refugee Week 17-23 June 2024.

‘The theme for Refugee Week 2024 is “Our Home”; from the places we gather to share meals to our collective home, planet earth: everyone is invited to celebrate what our Our Home means to them.

From what home means at the personal, communal and global level we invite you to celebrate Our Home this Refugee Week (17-23rd June).

Together, this Refugee Week let’s practice our solidarity and make Our Home a more welcoming, safe, and sustainable place for all.’ Refugee Week

Watch the Refugee Week trailer (HOME)


The churches and the Diocese have been serving refugees for many years and continues to thrive as a place of welcome. Many individuals have opened their homes for Refugees and walked alongside them. We acknowledge the many challenges that refugees face.

Refugees have enriched our community and churches. Through their resilience, sharing of arts, culture and food as well as adding to the diversity of our churches. Home is more than where we were born or having a physical place to live which is important; home is also belonging. The Diocese continues to be a place called ‘home’ and we continue to support those God has placed in His creation.

To mark Refugee Week some churches, plan to have special services or events sharing the diverse experiences of Refugees in their churches. If you are doing any activities for Refugee Week, please do let us know. If you would like further resources the Refugee Week resources can be found at https://refugeeweek.org.uk/. Resources include items for holding events, simple acts ideas and resources for groups and discussions.

The Justice, Peace and Integrity Creation Team with other partners have put together a signposting booklet for those who have received their refugee status and those working with them in their churches. The Refugee Move process can be overwhelming and we hope this may provide some simple support. You can access the booklet below:

 A Companion guide to post asylum Support 

Diocese of London have created a helpful flowchart to help individuals to understand the Refugee Move on Process.

Refugee Move on Process flowchart (English)

Refugee Move on Process flowchart (Farsi)

Housing Justice have both a hosting and lodging scheme. 

Refugee lodgings infographic

We hope these documents will be helpful, if you are able to help with translation support for the companion document please get in touch with Natalie[email protected].

Every individual no matter their status is made in the image, may we continue to see each other in this way and support and encourage. But also help individuals to flourish as we all make contributions to the community in different ways. Home is very important, and we celebrate the diverse community we have in the Diocese of Southwark and all the contributions made through our individual journeys and uniqueness.