The Diocese of Southwark Black History Month service took place on Saturday 2 October. It was a joyous occasion, celebrating the diversity of this vibrant diocese. The service at which Bishop Karowei presided and the Revd Les Isaac preached, was followed by workshops tying in with our Diocesan Black History Month theme of Celebrating Business, Science and the Arts. Archdeacon Rosemarie Mallett officially launched the Diocesan Anti-Racism Charter and pack at the event.

“We have been planting and building. Sometimes we have been thinking has this been worth it. I want to say that it has. You have helped make this country over the last 60 years what it is today.” – The Revd Les Isaac

“The intentionality of this Diocese and the Church of England is now! You have to hold us to account to make sure that we, together with you, make this a living document. I am proud to launch this Anti-Racism Charter” – Archdeacon Rosemarie Mallett

Here is a snapshot of the day.


Find Black History Month events and resources, and download the Anti-Racism Charter, from