We’re using an approach called Greenhouse to help churches start, restart or develop new Christian Communities such as fresh expressions and new missional communities and to help more people become pioneers. Here’s what they are and how you can get involved.

Greenhouse aims to help churches emerging from the challenges we have faced through pandemic times. You may have desire to recover lost ground, to restart fresh expressions or outreach activities that were put on hold. You may be sense a new energy to respond to many new opportunities that are emerging from reaching out in new ways to support people this past 2 years or you may just feel that there is the need to rest, restore and recover right now before you could do so.

What if someone could come alongside you and give you a hand? Greenhouse will help local teams recover, be refreshed and be sent out again or to build upon those new opportunities that have merged through faithful service and witness through pandemic times.

Greenhouses gather teams of people together who are exploring how to do church differently; and to see new Christian communities such as fresh expressions and new missional communities grow.

We provide mutually shared space to nurture lay led congregations and to help people develop pioneering skills in just the same way that a Greenhouse helps nurture plants in a safe environment.

Whether you already have a fresh expression or new missional community or are thinking of starting one, Greenhouse will help you through an intentional process of accompaniment and support.

No prior experience is necessary; just a commitment from your church to give this a go and try it for a couple of years.

How to get involved?

To express an interest, apply to be part of Greenhouse, get more information or to ask any questions email [email protected] . We’re happy to discuss things further, meet you and help you get started.
You can learn more about how Greenhouse works from our blog.
We run introductory Q&A evenings for people who are curious, church leaders etc to help you understand more; see our events page.

What’s Involved?

Learning Community

Local teams gather together two to three times a year to learn, pray, plan, find mutual support and to swap ideas. Teams are supported by experienced facilitators to help you though a simple and proven approach to enable your new Christian community mature at its own pace. There is also an online support community for all involved throughout the year.

Just in Time Learning

Through Godsend and Sharing Jesus  resources you will have access to the wisdom and experience of thousands of people who’ve gone through this experience before.

Coaching and Mentoring

We support each team with coaching and mentoring from pioneers and pioneer enablers who will help you get unstuck should you need it or to help you consider your next steps if things develop faster than your plans expected.

Our Greenhosues

Open Greenhouse- starts Summer 2022

For teams from any church across the diocese, small or large, from any tradition, any background, at any stage, or any type of potential new growth. Open Greenhouses will meet online; typically you’ll gather in someone’s front room and join online with others doing the same.

Introductory evenings / Q&A to find out more: Wednesday 25th May 2022

Tuesday 7th June 2022

Wandsworth Borough Greenhouse – starts September 2022

For churches across Battersea, Wandsworth and Tooting deaneries.

Introductory evenings / Q&A to find out more: Wednesday 15th June 2022

Tuesday 28th June 2022

Lambeth and Merton Greenhouse – starts October 2022

For churches across Lambeth Archdeaconry.

Introductory evenings / Q&A to find out more: Tuesday 12th July 2022

Wednesday 7th September 2022

Pioneer Curates Greenhouse – active since October 2021

All churches that have a pioneer curate have the opportunity to be part of this Greenhouse. Churches expecting to receive a new curate this year can benefit from praying and dreaming in advance of potential opportunities and identifying people who may be interested in joining in this pioneering Greenhouse experience.

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