Messy Church is Church – but not as you know it!  It’s a way of being church that has grown over the last 18 years.  It aims to build a Christ-centred intergenerational community amongst people, particularly those who have never been to church before.  Most Messy Churches meet once a month.  With its values of hospitality, creativity and celebration, you can expect a generous welcome and a time to explore a Bible theme through craft, science or outdoor activities.  During a short time of celebration, you will hear a Bible story, song and prayers.  Hospitality wouldn’t be complete without a meal and a chance to build relationships.

You will find Messy Church hosted by all sorts of churches across Southwark Diocese, the UK and overseas.  It’s particularly accessible for families of all shapes and sizes.  As we emerge from the pandemic, Messy Church is just one model of church that can help local families reconnect, particularly as it aims to meet people where they are at.  This might mean that it’s held in the local village hall or in a school at the end of the school day.  Other Messy Churches gather in a church but choose to meet on the weekend, at a time that suits the needs of local people.

Like traditional churches, Messy Churches have had to change shape during the pandemic.  Some went online, delivered Messy Church in a bag and deepened relationships with families through door-step chats.  Others stopped or been on pause and are just re-starting, but in a slightly different, more outdoors way.

Now we are in the phase of ‘living with covid’, we feel we can once again gather in Southwark Cathedral for a celebration.  On Saturday 14th May 2-4pm all ages are welcome to explore the story of God’s creation and our role in caring for it.  We’ll be unpacking Genesis 1 through science experiments, crafts, music and storytelling and partnering with Tearfund and Christian Aid as they run activities around their climate justice campaigns.

We do hope that you will join us and encourage families to be inspired and encounter our creator God in a new and fresh way.  You can register for the event here:

Whether you’re involved with Messy Church or other children and family ministry, we’d love you to get involved.  If you are available to steward or help run an activity, please get in touch with [email protected].

Let’s make our celebration at Southwark Cathedral – Cathedral but not as we know it!