The Spanish speaking community is one of the fastest growing communities in the Southwark area. Espacio Mamá meets weekly for Spanish speakers, and it is part of MumSpace. Together they provide a welcoming supportive environment focused on reducing social isolation and promoting the well-being of parents. While parents share and learn from each other, children have a safe place to play, develop and socialise.

The work in Southwark is part of Parents and Communities Together (PACT) which supports vulnerable pregnant women and parents’ well-being during the crucial first 1,000 days of a child’s life (PACT also works in Leeds and on Tyneside). Those who come to MumSpace and to Espacio Mamá can meet other parents to share experiences and create a network of support. The group provides a safe and stimulating environment for children who come to play and each week there is a discussion for the parents on a relevant issue.

PACT was set up by Citizens UK — the biggest community organising alliance in the UK, whose mission is to build people’s power to lead change for the common good in their community and country — to strengthen the institutions of civil society. PACT brings together community organisations, health professionals, statutory services, schools and children’s services in order to build the capacity of parents tackling health and social challenges and uses a community organised approach to make changes on issues affecting them.

MumSpace and Espacio Mamá help to build increased social networks, improved parenting skills and confidence, increased knowledge and understanding of local services and confidence to access them. It is proud to be truly parent-led, building the collective capacity and resilience of communities through training and partnership working.

Many families face multiple disadvantages, including poor housing, low wages, domestic violence, unemployment and difficulty in accessing statutory services. Social inequalities, lack of social support and poor access to services has a debilitating effect on children’s early development, causing a long-term impact on learning, health, behaviour and ultimately their adult relationships.

Please consider what you can give to help to support the work with families which is undertaken by MumSpace and Espacio Mamá in the Southwark Archdeaconry and be part of increasing social connection and a stronger response to local needs. Find out more at