Deborah Oladokun:  I learned a lot of new things. This was extremely important for me. The Bishop’s Certificate has given me a depth of understanding about about my faith.

Chialuka Ogueri I learned a lot. It exposed me to Church History and Anglicanism. I understand now what it means to be a disciple of Jesus.

Oyeyemi Akinsanmi It helped me to grow more spiritually and has helped my vocation. I am in the process of going into ordained ministry.

Helen Rios Bulusan The last time I studied was 20 years ago. It was challenging online at times, but the facilitators were very good and gave us the freedom to speak. They were generous in answering our questions. The break times gave us the opportunity to get to know each other and share each others’ views. This is how you learn from each other. I am trying to convince others to do it. I have already enrolled in the vocations to become a SPA and I have high hopes to be a Reader too. The Bishop’s Certificate is a great opportunity. There is no discrimination and you don’t feel lesser than anyone else.

Eugenie Kamau I was intrigued to know more about God and where He sits on the throne. I would encourage all young people like myself to do the Bishop’s Certificate especially if you are seeking earnestly for God and your purpose and identity.

Marion Watson I love the other people on the course and the lecturers were fantastic. Every single one without exception were brilliant and although I am a Reader already, I learned so much which is just what I needed during the lockdown.

Victoria Stone I have just started my vocations process and the Bishop’s Certificate was recommended to me. It wasn’t too full-on and you can take it at your own pace. I would advise anyone to have a go. Even if you don’t do the assignments, you will learn a lot and get so much out of it.

Amanda Adamson-Hill I finished the course three weeks before Luke was born and started just before I was pregnant. It was very good. It gave me and extra dimension for spiritual reflection especially the theological reflections on parenthood added that extra dimension. My husband is a priest and I am able to engage in discussions with priests more robustly now. It was nice doing the course as I was doing something that was separate to my pregnancy. Now having had Luke, I think it would have been hard work doing it with him. There were challenges getting essays done, and working full-time and the pregnancy, but it was great to do.


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