It was a delight to join with you and other evangelists at the Zoom meeting last week and to share our stories. It was very encouraging and strengthening to hear how others in the diocese are living out their faith and looking for and using opportunities to share this with others.

Coming alongside people and forming a relationship with them as we go about our everyday lives and then finding a natural way to share our story in a gentle and humble way is so important and this is a great way of showing how knowing Jesus transforms us.

It is amazing the opportunities the Holy Spirit puts in your path if you are attuned and listening.

If you shine the light of Christ out others notice and want to know more.  I think of myself as a bit of an introvert but strangely find it easy to share my faith with others I meet if the opportunity arises.

I am very attracted to using the creative arts to evangelise. I have twice used the Christmas Angel and the painted stones projects within my communities and also the cross in my pocket initiative. I have handed out very many of these and have countless stories to tell of how they have been treasured and used by non Christians.  I have also enjoyed using the Table Talk material with several groups of friends which have included non Christians. It was great to see initial disinterest change to enthusiastic engagement!  It is a rich resource.  I am constantly on the look out for other ways to engage with people by connecting with them through shared creative interests.

As you know, I am Digital Evangelist Storyteller with the God Stories Today YouTube channel and am part of the Encounters ministry there.  Digital engagement transcends boundaries and reaches out to people who might never otherwise connect with church or faith and I love this way of engaging.

I share the lay leadership of a Life Group at St John’s Coulsdon but am also connected with other local parishes. I do not feel evangelism should be constrained by church walls or parish boundaries. I am currently working independently with several others on a prayer initiative on social media which we hope to use over Advent and beyond.

Thank you for gathering us up and being so honest at the meeting and saying the things many of us will have been thinking or experienced.  I do hope your initiative bears fruit within the diocese and that others join in.

Wendy Jackson