Earth Day is right around the corner, and I couldn’t be more excited! If you’re not sure what Earth Day is all about, let me give you a quick rundown. Earth Day is celebrated every year on the 22nd of April, and it’s all about raising awareness and taking action to protect our planet and has been happening annually for almost 50 years.

This year, the Southwark Diocese is doing something extra special to mark the occasion. We are hosting an Eco Church Celebration on the 22nd of April, and it’s going to be an incredible event. The celebration will bring together churches from all over the Diocese to celebrate the growth of the Eco Church awards scheme.

With over 150 churches now engaged, the Eco Church scheme makes clear that the 5th Mark of Anglican Mission is a thriving area of missional activity in our churches. And that’s why events like this are so important. They give us a chance to come together, share ideas, and learn from one another.

The celebration will feature some truly inspiring speakers, including Andy Atkins CEO of A Rocha UK, Deborah Colvin from St James’s Piccadilly (a Gold award church), and The Rev Sharon Moughtin, whose ministry specialises in engaging Children and young people around the climate – and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. There will be plenty of other speakers, all of whom are experts in their field.

But the Eco Church Celebration isn’t just about listening to speakers. There will also be practical workshops on managing buildings, community engagement and managing church land which will hopefully help you think about progressing to the next award level, and how we can support one another on this journey. So, whether you’re just starting out on your Eco Church journey or you’re striving to be the first Gold award in the Diocese, there will be something for everyone.

The celebration is open to all, and it’s completely free! So, if you’re interested in attending, all you have to do is reserve your space. And trust me, you won’t regret it. You’ll have the chance to take part in workshops on each of the awards area’s, debate and discuss big ideas with others working on this in churches across the diocese, and meet peers from your area working on the awards scheme.

But that’s not all. You’ll also get to hear from the Diocese about how the central church is planning to support churches on the journey to carbon net zero. And you’ll have the opportunity to make contacts with Diocesan Staff and other volunteers who can help you on the Eco Church journey.

The event will end with a service of thanksgiving for all of the work you have been doing around care for creation led by Bishop Martin Gainsborough, the new Bishop of Kingston, followed by a free lunch.

Earth Day is all about raising awareness and taking action to protect our planet. And the Eco Church Celebration is the perfect way to mark the occasion. So, whether you’re already engaged with the Eco Church awards scheme or you’re just starting out, come along and be part of this incredible event.

If you would like to attend please contact me at: [email protected].