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Mission Action Planning

Launched in 2014 Mission Action Planning is a central part of Southwark’s Strategy for Ministry and Growth

In March 2016 the Diocesan Synod overwhelmingly passed the vision for mission statement which relates the Five Marks of Mission to Mission Action Planning.

Overview of MAP

A Mission Action Plan (MAP) is a process of strategic planning that reflects on opportunities and resources available to a local church and informs a strategy to direct activities and decision-making over the coming years.

All parishes are asked to submit a MAP summary along with their MAP, using the attached template. Please email the summary and your MAP to your Area Bishop, Archdeacon and the Canon Missioner Jay Colwill. Please include the anticipated timeline for your MAP, the 'to' and 'from' dates, as we enter these onto the database.


The heart of MAP is a process by which a church comes to understand its mission and put that into effect, rather than the product of a document. These are the core values at the heart of the MAP process that reflect what we are aiming for.

In addition to the Mission Action Plan summary, you may like to use:

There are three stages in the process of MAP, click on each stage below for resources and information.

1. Listening and Reflecting

2. Discerning Vision, Choosing Priorities and Planning for Action

3. Acting on the Plan and Reviewing 

People to Support Mission Action Planning

Jay Colwill, Canon Missioner & Director of Mission, is the first point of contact for questions and support regarding MAP.

Each of the Archdeaconries has MAP advisers who can give advice:

We also have MAP facilitators who can work with parishes and PCCs in developing a vision and plan. Please contact Jay if you would like help with this. If you would be interested in the role of voluntary MAP facilitator, please contact Jay.

Where to send your MAP?

Please email your completed MAPs and your reviewed MAPs to your Area Bishop and Archdeacon, and the Canon Missioner Jay Colwill. Please make sure you have included the MAP timelines, the 'to' and 'from' dates, on your MAP document.