With many traditional fundraising events suspended due to the pandemic, there are still many events that you can run.  Here are some ideas to help you keep the fun in your fundraising!

Host a virtual quiz

Socialise even during lockdown! Write your own quiz including a round about parish life or find a quiz online. Teams can be formed across households, conferring over the phone or via messages, whilst you all tune in online. Everyone donates £5 to take part.

Organise an online “Crafternoon”

Host a workshop, online or otherwise, for people to learn a new craft or share a parishioner’s skills – people could donate to receive a craft pack and join in on the day. Or ask for a donation to a socially-distanced “crafternoon” – everyone brings their own knitting, drawing, painting, etc and shares what they are creating. This is a great one to do in the run-up to Christmas or Easter.

Top tip: Set up an online giving facility so that people can donate wherever they are.

Run a treasure hunt

Another idea that would work well for Advent/Lent, and great way to encourage families to be involved. Design one around your parish or organise a virtual one with a series of interesting things available to view on Google Maps Streetview – providing clues for participants. Let people explore and simply ask for a donation. Nine Elms Arts Ministry have previously run a Living Advent Calendar which was very popular.

Declutter to donate!

Encourage people to sell some bits and bobs and donate the proceeds to church. Companies like Ziffit or Music Magpie will buy old books, DVDs, CDs, and games, and will send a courier to collect. The Good Shepherd, Tadworth successfully raised £400 through a Bag2School clothing collection in partnership with their local school.

Online shopping donations

Did you know that you could receive donations when parishioners shop online? Services like EasyFundraising and AmazonSmile turn everyday shopping into free donations for charitable causes. Simply register online and spread the word to the church!

Set up a Friends’ Scheme

Many people have a great deal of good will towards their church building, especially in rural areas, and although they may not wish to contribute to the religious aspects of the church they may be willing to support part of its heritage. A Friends’ Scheme is one way in which a parish church can encourage help of this kind from a wider community. See the Parish Resources webpage for advice on setting one up.


What fundraisers have you run over the last few months? If you have another idea to share please contact the Giving Team – we would love to hear from you.