I would like to start off my essay by saying, there are many things that are different, that includes the person, personality, interests, and many other things. Every person has their own opinion. This does not mean they are not a human being; everyone is considered as human though they are male, female, transgender or any other sexuality, colour, the religion they follow or believe in, their tribe or culture. In the eyes of Christ we are all their children. No god treats people according to favouritism or differently.

I come from a background of those who follow Buddhism and Hinduism, and yet I know for sure that no God has said, the human is differentiated by colours or tribes or culture. I may know less about Christianity, but I know for sure that even “Jesus Christ” didn’t say we are all differentiated by colour or race. In fact, it is said that we are ‘one in Christ. This statement clearly explains that in his eyes everyone is equal or everyone is One. This statement also calls for the unity and harmony among everyone in the body of the Christ. The gospel creates unity in faith with our father and saviours. As the lord said “if you are not one you are not mine”. We must keep in our minds that we are all one and God wants us to act in a harmony with no war or hate towards our own brother and sisters. Hate among our own people or own kind will lead to war, and despair and there will be suffering everywhere. The bible says that “there is nether jew nor Greek, there is neither slave nor free, there is no male and female, for you are all one in Christ” “and thus Christ welcomed everyone”.

Everyone in this entire world has the colour “red” blood, no matter what their colour race or culture. What I mean is that everyone is equal. If we create hate; we start war. Being one does not mean being same, but it means that we are all one and equal. Why do people hate just because of someone’s race? Why do people not think that we need each other? Imagine a world in which people help each other and there is no gender discrimination, racial discrimination or any other discrimination. That would be a beautiful place – in fact, that would be heaven. In the end, we are going to die anyway so isn’t it better to love everyone and live a happy life?