Although Black History Month (BHM) may seem like some time ago as we head towards Christmas, but as we know, racial justice is not confined to one month. Here is one church’s account of their celebrations during BHM, written by Tianna, aged 11. You can read her review here:

BHM 2022 – Review by Tianna age 11

We encourage you to be mindful of the pictures/videos you may use during this season of Advent and Christmas – there are a number of diverse resources out there that show the breadth of those present in biblical times – who were mostly not white! For example, this fun Christmas story book: A very noisy Christmas!

As another, non-Christmas example, check out this book by Krish Kandiah which includes a number of well known Bible stories that express the diversity of the characters.

Feel free to share any resources with us that you have found helpful and we can make available to others.