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About Us

Welcome to the website for the Anglican Diocese of Southwark. We hope that in visiting it you will find out much of what you might want to know about the people of the Church of England who live and serve in this vibrant area of South London and East Surrey.

Southwark Diocese was formed in 1905 and it now covers 317 sq miles and nearly three million people live within its borders. Find out more about the Diocese.

We have designed this website to give you information about the variety of things that our churches do. You will find information about our Cathedral and churches and the times of the services they hold and the names of the parish clergy. You can find out about getting married, being baptised and arranging a funeral; you will also find information about our church schools and colleges and how those involved in our churches help to care for our world and take part in action on social issues.

You may have come to this website because you want to find out more about the Christian faith and so we have put some information about where to find out about this too.

Whatever your reason for visiting us we hope that you will be helped by what you see here and want to find out more about the Diocese of Southwark by becoming involved in one of our churches.

We believe that God's church here in Southwark has much to offer all the people who live and work within this diverse and exciting area of London and Surrey and we warmly welcome you as you find out more about what we do and how we do it.