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The Bridge

The Bridge

The Bridge is the Diocesan newspaper for the Anglican Diocese of Southwark. It is published 10 times a year (December/January and July/ August are joint editions) and copies are distributed to all parishes via a network of voluntary distributors and to schools and chaplains in hospital and schools within the Diocese and subscribers.

All newspapers survive on a regular input of news stories and The Bridge is no exception. The Bridge looks for material which furthers the mission of God; we want to tell the story of what is happening within the Diocese of Southwark; in the parishes and Deanery and at Diocesan level.

We cover national issues within the church, thinking particularly about how it will affect the Diocese of Southwark and feature book reviews written by people within the Diocese and much more.

The Bridge editorial team can't (and shouldn't) write all the stories - it is so much more interesting to our readers if the parishes tell the story for themselves. So, we need your help.

If you have an event in your parish, don't forget to take pictures of it and send them to The Bridge; with a brief description of the event (see 'Getting good news out'). Don't forget to check the 'Protecting the Vulnerable' section, for notes on getting permission to use people's photographs.

But even before this the send the details of forthcoming events for the 'What's On' section, so that people get advance information.

When The Bridge arrives in your parish, what happens to it? Does it sit in a pile at the back of the Church until it's out of date and then get recycled? Or does someone hand it out to people as they come in or go out of the church. The best way to get anyone to look at something is to hand it to them, preferably with a smile!