Fourteen churches from across Lambeth North Deanery have come together to create an eight mile-long Passion Trail featuring specially created art installations that interpret the 14 Stations of the Cross.

The Lambeth North Passion Trail is a self-guided walk of discovery between Clapham, Brixton, Stockwell, Vauxhall, Kennington and Waterloo. Visitors will experience interactive art and activities that tell the story of Jesus’ arrest, trial, torture and death, and find quiet spaces for reflection and prayer during a time of personal and national trauma.

“By retelling the Passion of Christ in different art forms, we hope to plant the seeds of reflection, renewal and revival in local communities scarred by the grief, anger and loss of the last twelve months. We also hope individuals and families will enjoy the opportunity to do something a bit different on their daily walk, and each station is taking steps to ensure visitors are safe and social distancing observed.”

Canon Giles Goddard, Vicar at St John’s Church Waterloo.

Visitors young and old will experience a Garden of Eden in Clapham, witness the enactment of Christ carrying his cross in Brixton, and plant seeds at the final station in Waterloo. Music, poetry and painting, as well a child themed angel hunt, a life- sized pin art board and the recreation of a painting by Rubens using plants and flowers are just some of the activities being created.

 “Over 500 people have died with COVID-19 in Lambeth over the last twelve months, and hundreds more have experienced grief and fear not just from COVID-19, but from climate change and racial injustice.  We hope that the Trail will give people an opportunity to explore the persistence of solidarity, love and hope amid the darkness of injustice, pain and despair of the last year”.  – The Revd Caroline Clarke, Area Dean for Lambeth North.

The Trail takes place on Saturday 20 March, from 10am – 4.30pm. An opening service will be held at 10am at St Andrew’s School, Stockwell, and an outdoor, socially distanced service at St John’s Waterloo will close the Passion Trail at 4.30pm. Both the Passion Trail and the Services are open to everyone.

Full details of the Passion Trail and the activities can be found on the Lambeth North Deanery Passion Trail website


Church Warden, Liz Waldy – Christ Church Brixton Road – which is Station 7 – Jesus falls for a second time.