Jerusalem, Friday 14 May 2021. Yesterday I watched with joy as my brother in Christ Archbishop Hosam Naoum, was installed at St George’s Cathedral as Anglican Archbishop in Jerusalem. As we rejoice with him on Ascensiontide, my thoughts and prayers are for the people of this beautiful Holy Land where good relations together with mutual respect for human dignity and freedom of all peoples and faiths will determine the future. My prayer, especially in the context of current disturbances and the very real risk of escalating violence, is for the peace of Jerusalem and all the peoples of these lands.

The Diocese of Southwark has had a long-standing relationship with the Diocese of Jerusalem and this was formalised earlier this year when Archbishop Hosam’s predecessor, The Most Revd Suheil Dawani and I signed the Jerusalem-Southwark Covenant, linking our Dioceses formally. I pray that peace with justice between all sides will be achieved soon.