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Hearts on Fire with a Vision for growth

Stories to Encourage

We are collecting stories from around the Diocese to help us learn from one another and to encourage, inspire and teach us, especially during this pandemic. Many of us are learning new approaches to ministry and finding that God meets us in exciting and surprising ways. If you have a story to tell about how you are communicating your faith online, serving your community or finding ways of helping people to grow in their faith in Jesus Christ at home in their family or household, then we would love to hear from you so that we can share it.

We are gathering these stories in different ways. We have our weekly Hearts on Fire blog at southwarkcofe.tumblr.com, which was commissioned by Bishop Christopher to tell ‘God’s Good News in the Diocese of Southwark’ and has posted every Saturday morning since Pentecost 2015.

Our Diocesan Newspaper, the Bridge, is currently being published online monthly at southwark.anglican.org/thebridge.

The main place that we are hosting these stories is on the Fresh Expressions blog, where we will be sharing stories of how people are engaging in streaming their services, building community and learning how to grow disciples of Jesus Christ in their homes - freshexpressionssouthwarkdiocese.com/stories.

We also regularly share stories and items of interest on our social platforms:

Our YouTube channel - youtube.com/user/SouthwarkDiocese
On Twitter - twitter.com/SouthwarkCofE
And on our Facebook Page - facebook.com/SouthwarkCofE