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Bulletin no.20 - Friday 31 July

4 months ago


Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ, 

We hope that you are well and have had, or are looking forward to, a good break.

The Coronavirus Task Group met this week and will not meet again until early September.  We will, of course, be in touch with each other and with you if there are any changes in the way in which we can do things during this period.

 Before we go ‘off air’ for a few weeks we thought that it would be good to be in contact with you concerning one or two things about which we have had questions: 

  1. Annual Meeting of Parishioners and Annual Parochial Church Meeting

A letter has been sent today from the Archdeacons to the clergy which has been copied to PCC Secretaries concerning the above.  We hope to have more information for you in September.

  1. Referrals to Hospital Chaplaincies

The Bishop’s Adviser for Hospital Chaplaincy, The Revd Alistair McCulloch, has asked us to forward this message to you all concerning care for parishioners who are in hospital.

He says: “In the present crisis local clergy cannot visit their parishioners while they are in hospital.  The Hospital Chaplains therefore want local clergy to feel that they might contact us when they are aware that a member of their congregation is with us as a patient.  This will enable us to offer appropriate pastoral care to them and their family. With the patient’s permission we will also be able to refer them back to the care of their parish priest when they are discharged.

Our Hospital Chaplains will be really pleased to have this contact with local clergy and to work with them for the better pastoral care of their parishioners. This contact and working together is always really welcome but never more than in the present situation. 

Contact details for all of the hospital chaplaincies are in the Diocesan Directory.”

  1. Christmas and carol services

Members of the CTG are very aware that, although it is not yet quite August, our clergy and parishes will begin to think about Christmas as the summer holiday season ends.   We thought it sensible, therefore, to let you know that we will come back to you in early September with some information and guidance on these.  We are also very aware that whatever we say in September may not be the same by the time that we get to Advent and Christmas but we hope at least to provide some tips that will help with planning.

  1. Services for Sunday 9 August

For those of you who are wanting to use the Archdeacons service for Sunday 9 August, Press and Communications have asked us to apologise that the links to these have yet to be sent out.  Unfortunately, we have run into some copyright issues and are working to resolve these as quickly as possible.  Once we have done this we will send out the links.  We are sorry for the inconvenience that this has caused.

With our very best wishes for a blessed, restful and restorative August,

The Coronavirus Task Group

(Bishop Christopher, the Very Revd Andrew Nunn, the Venerable Alastair Cutting, Ruth Martin and the Revd Canon Wendy Robins)