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Bulletin no.15 - Friday 19 June

5 months, 1 week ago

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

We trust that those of you who have been able to re-open your churches for individual prayer have found that this has been a joyful and rewarding experience.  We know that some are still preparing your churches for this and that others have had to make the decision that they are unable to open at present because of the need to shield.  Please do talk with other clergy in your Deanery and your Archdeacon if you need any help with any preparations.

1. Liturgical Resources as Churches re-open

We are pleased to be able to make available to you liturgical materials which have been prepared by the Bishop’s Liturgical Advisory Group, chaired by Bishop Christopher’s Chaplain, The Revd Joshua Rey, for use by clergy and lay people as they re-enter our churches after the lockdown. 

We very much hope that you will want to make these available to people who come into your churches but, as you will know, we cannot at present leave materials in the churches for people to take or to use.  As a result we have placed the material on the Diocesan website and have put a QR Code onto the resources so that you can place them on the wall in your church and those who visit can use the QR code to access the material on the website and download and use it in the church.    Please put the material near the entrance to the church and add a note beside them explaining how they can be accessed and used.

We have attached PDF documents of the materials as well as a single sheet with all the QR codes for the prayers and services on it.  All the materials are available to download from the Diocesan website at http://southwark.anglican.org/downloads/returningtochurchresources.zip. This folder contains both PDFs and Word versions in case you wish to adapt them for your use.

2. Recording numbers of attendees at online services    

Many of you have been in touch with us to ask about recording numbers of attendees at your online services.   We have attached some materials from the national church which might be of help with this.  These suggestions are there to be helpful and are not to be seen as a requirement.   Nonetheless, if you would like to use this or any other means to record the numbers of those at your services this information may be useful in the future.   Please consider if you would like to use these but do not feel compelled to do so.

As we are beginning to move out of lockdown we know that many of you have questions about re-opening for public worship.  We thought it good to let you know that the Archdeacons are working on a communication concerning this which will be sent out next week.

Please be assured of our prayers and good wishes as we all prepare for whatever the new normal will be both in our churches and in society,

With our very best wishes,

The Coronavirus Task Group

(Bishop Christopher, the Very Revd Andrew Nunn, the Venerable Alastair Cutting, Ruth Martin and the Revd Canon Wendy Robins)