The number of pioneers (lay and ordained) and fresh expressions in the Diocese continues to increase and flourish. As a Diocese, we have a goal of one hundred pioneers. The need to help and encourage incumbents and others to support pioneers is therefore becoming more important. This event is for those of you, incumbents or others, who have been asked to support and encourage a pioneer in your church or parish. It is particularly aimed at those who are not pioneers themselves but have or hope to have pioneers in their church.

The pioneer you are supporting and encouraging could be a lay Pioneer or a Pioneer curate or an ordained Pioneer. It is important that if you have a pioneer in your church or parish that the expectations are clear on both sides; that there is clear and open communication; and that the pioneer has an advocate in the church. If you are an incumbent who is looking to ask for a Pioneer Curate then this will be especially important for you to attend.

This introduction has three elements to it:

  • Understanding pioneering/ fresh expressions of Church
  • The role of the Pioneer in your church
  • What Pioneers need from you

The event will be led by Canon Will Cookson, Director of Pioneering Ministry & Dean of Fresh Expressions

Wednesday, 19th May, 2021 2:00-5:00 pm